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Available on:PlayStation 4Oct 2, 2019
PCOct 2, 2019
Nintendo SwitchOct 2, 2019
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Pixelated Milk

Genre: RPG

Use everything at your disposal to help a team of accidental heroes survive the onslaught in their home city and overcome tremendous odds stacked against them in this tactical rpg set on the streets of occupied Warsaw of 1944. LEAD YOUR TEAM Enlist the help of men and women, soldiers and civilians, the young and the old and use their unique skills, expertise and abilities to challenge the enemy. Meet people from all walks of life united in their attempt to overthrow the German occupiers. OWN YOUR SKILLS Create a mix of versatile skills that will allow you to flank your enemies, detonate obstacles, snipe stragglers and push or pull enemies into the area where your carefully planned attacks deal the most damage. Make sure your Heroes are stacked with the right weapons salvaged, obtained from the enemy or air drops. Develop them using medal system to unlock a unique set of skills, and construct the best team of all the Heroes – both joining the forces and enlisted in the Hideout in exchange for the collected resources. MAKE YOUR MOVES Make your way on the carefully reconstructed map of Warsaw of 1944, encountering both historical and random events that immerse you in the story of the city that valiantly stood up to the Nazi oppressor. Patrol the streets fulfilling the orders issued by HQ, discover facts about the past of your Heroes and decide when to fight, and when to withdraw. SURVIVE THE UPRISING Learn all the strengths and weaknesses of your assigned team. Find the best combination of personnel, weapons and skills to overcome more and more lethal enemies thrown to quell the uprising. Fight your way through infantry, specialized troops, heavily armed units, special ordnance and armored vehicles. Make your choices in the many story infused events and live with their results. And don’t let the ever increasing ferocity and intensity of forces thrown your way stop you from your one goal. Turning your Heroes into survivors. Not victims. MAIN FEATURES Turn-based tactical rpg with characters of varying classes, and with skill and resource management in immersive WWII setting A deep tactical combat system with multitude of complementing skills, weapons and character abilities Character stories and backgrounds delivered through gameplay as well as numerous historical and fictional events happening under specific game’s circumstances Incredible replay value due to non-linear gameplay

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Metro GameCentral

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6 / 10
Metro GameCentral

Extremely rough around the edges but even in its current state this is an engrossing and tension-filled strategy role-playing game that offers a very different perspective of WWII.

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Warsaw is a game that captures some of the desperation and inevitability of failure that the Warsaw Uprising faced. The random assignment of characters removes some player choice, and there is a lack of narrative to add more weight to the events. However, as a strategy game Warsaw is well put together and offers a challenge in a unique setting.

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A fascinating historic backdrop, an original artistic direction, a compelling gameplay structure, but only one, inexorable difficulty level which often seems more unfair than faithful.

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Warsaw has the makings of a genuinely fascinating, unyielding tactical game with a lot of heart and reverence for the events it’s based on. Still, as is, it’s currently a hard sell unless you’re really intent on a challenge that, while thematically resonant, often feels more arbitrary than it is complex.

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