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Gun Gun Pixies

Nov 1, 2019 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Gun Gun Pixies

Gun Gun Pixies has a very specific audience, and many of those people are sure to have a good time with this game. Cute characters and a wealthy abundance of fanservice are here in spades. Unfortunately, I often found myself struggling with the repetitive gameplay and clunky controls too much to appreciate any of the good aspects of the game.

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Gun Gun Pixies is a bad game. It’s a terrible third-person shooter, a clunky platformer and an incompetent visual novel, all wrapped up in an embarrassingly puerile attempt at titillation.

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A fun if simplistic third person shooter with quirky, entertaining characters and an over the top charm that makes up for the repetitive gameplay. Let down by a sloppy localisation and some stiff controls but still a good time.

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Unknown Author
7 / 10

Gun Gun Pixies may not be the most challenging of shooters, it has issues that affect gameplay, and the fanservice will not appeal to all players - however, it rates highly in the fun department for moe afficionados, even featuring characters from Compile Heart and Idea Factory's famous Neptunia series which fits well in the story. It covers a range of issues young people and older ones face such as eating issues and sibling rivalry. The cheerful graphics coupled with the wicked sense of humour from all the dorm residents and the pixies themselves makes the game an enjoyable addition to the Nintendo Switch.

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Ultimately, Gun Gun Pixies isn’t really something that I would be interested in picking up on its own. Part of a pack or on sale? Perhaps, but it feels more like a rushed novelty title than a full production. The controls feel super clunky and awkward, the text is chock full of spelling mistakes, and the hitboxes on the shots can get a little weird sometimes. While there is an interesting premise and the game could have been pulled off rather well, it just feels sort of halfway there. There isn’t really anything making the game unplayable, but there isn’t a whole lot to really keep you playing either.

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Gun Gun Pixies offers exactly what you’re looking for if you’re thinking about playing it and more. It is perhaps the lewdest game that I’ve played to come west on console and I ended up loving it for that.

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Look, I know many gamers like fanservice titles. I enjoy my fair share as well. However, if you’re not going to give me a well-written story or solid gameplay to go with it, then I might as well go watch some ecchi anime or just straight-up porn. Gun Gun Pixies offers little aside from its admittedly attractive (and very over the top) fanservice, and as a game, it really just isn’t worth anyone’s time.

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Gun Gun Pixies is a very energetic third-person shooter which is unlike anything you’ve ever played before. When you’re not shooting Squids which look like they have condoms on their heads, you’ll be delivering pleasure to giant girls as you shoot your load all over their face and boobs, watching the in-game physics cause various body parts to wobble upon impact. Then, after a hard day of pleasuring the girls in the dorm whilst avoiding eye-contact, it’s time to jump into the bath and fondle their giant fancies until your out of bullets and end up firing blanks! This is a very strange game, yet it’s oddly satisfying and the twelve-hour story captivated me and kept me hooked – that and the giant panties!

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