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Available on:PCSep 12, 2019

Publisher: Stardock Entertainment

Genre: Strategy

Communications to Earth's first interstellar colony in Proxima Centauri have gone dark. In response, Earth has dispatched the Carpathia to investigate. Upon arrival, you find a colony under siege. Your mission: save the colony from these brutal alien invaders. Siege of Centauri puts you in command of the defense of Earth's first interstellar colony. Set in the Ashes of the Singularity universe, thousands of alien machines are attacking and only you, with your arsenal of deployable defense structures and strategic orbital abilities, can stop them. Customize the Carpathia in order to best handle the challenges of each individual mission, battle across the surface of an alien world through a series of story-driven campaigns or see how long you can survive in a doomed region where the enemy waves are truly endless. The enemy comes in all shapes and sizes, challenging you to counter them with the right defense in the right place. Siege of Centauri combines the best elements of classic tower defense games with the strategic depth Stardock has delivered in past titles, including Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion and Ashes of the Singularity. FEATURES Defend the colony on Proxima Centauri from hordes of alien invaders in a vast campaign full of challenging missions. Deploy defenses, use powerful orbital abilities, and call units at the right time and place in order to survive the onslaught. Create your own missions using the workshop, then upload and share them with other players. Download new missions created by other users, too. Customize your defenses using dozens of tower upgrades. Determine what you need in order to survive. Upgrade your particle cannon to slow its target, your Artillery Post to leave fire in areas it has attacks, or your Corrosion Mortars so that victims infect the allies around them. Survive against unrelenting enemy waves in Endless Mode and see if you can outlast other players on the leaderboards. Fight against dozens of enemies with unique attacks and defenses. Beware the Falling Star that disables defenses when it explodes, or the Heart of the Phoenix that forms a chrysalis when destroyed that can be reborn as a new Heart.

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Siege of Centauri is a fun tower defense title for a good price. While, visually, there's more to be desired, it runs incredibly well despite the thousands of enemies that can flood the map as you place your towers in an oftentimes frantic and addictive mission to protect your colony. It's well worth the asking price.

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All in all, Siege of Centauri felt dull after only a few hours of play.

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Siege of Centauri is a very enjoyable tower defense and strategy game hybrid. The game had some bumps at launch but has received patches and updates since. This honestly feels like somewhat of an experiment for Stardock, a side project while they have the next big RTS cooking in the oven.

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Siege of Centauri is a capable tower defense game that doesn't do anything horribly wrong, but it's one also fails to impress in most aspects.

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