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Available on:PCSep 26, 2019

Developers: Wizards of the Coast, Magic Digital Next, Digital Games Studio

Genres: Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

Magic: The Gathering Arena is free-to-play, authentic Magic, reborn digitally for gamers, fans, and streamers. First and foremost, MTG Arena is going to be an amazing place to play the game you love with all the depth, rules, and choices fans love, plus the striking and easy-to-understand visuals that make watching online exciting. We want popular MTG Arena streams to consistently be among the most-viewed streams on Twitch. We want players to eagerly anticipate MTG Arena draft nights with their friends around the world. We want pro players' competitive ladder matches to be watched with the same fervor as a Grand Prix. To realize that vision, we're creating the game with three important goals in mind. We want to create the deepest, richest digital card game on the market. Magic already boasts some of the deepest strategy of any TCG in the world, tabletop or digital, and MTG Arena's goal is to live up to that depth right at the start of Closed Beta. By the time we go into full launch, MTG Arena will feature the full card sets in Standard, with around 1,000 new cards added every year. That means deeper gameplay, more experiences to discover, and more room to explore. We want to create a version of Magic that's as much fun to watch as it is to play. Viewing MTG Arena on Twitch or other platforms will be a fast-paced, exciting, and easy to understand experience for fans across the globe. Our goal is nothing less than creating one of the premier esports communities, with viewing experiences packed with fun visuals, awesome sound, and cool ways to learn from and interact with our evolving catalogue of content. We want to create a game that can evolve. We've created an all-new Games Rules Engine (GRE) that uses sophisticated machine learning that can read any card we can dream up for Magic. That means the shackles are off for our industry-leading designers to build and create cards and in-depth gameplay around new mechanics and unexpected but widly fun concepts, all of which can be adapted for MTG Arena thanks to the new GRE under the hood.

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Magic: The Gathering Arena – Training Montage (Official) thumbnail

Magic: The Gathering Arena – Training Montage (Official)

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Throne of Eldraine Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

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Slick and generous, Magic: The Gathering Arena is finally the adaptation the CCG originator deserves.

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Fans of Magic: The Gathering finally have a digital product they can be excited for, with free decks and a constant flow of cards creating an enticing free-to-play experience

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Magic Arena’s pitch has finally gotten me hooked on a game I’ve been playing on and off for seven years. Its ease of play makes the average Magic game more of a ballet than a stop-and-start football match. As most of its clunkier aspects game melt away, the heart of a card game that has nearly three decades’ worth of staying power shines through.

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Magic: The Gathering Arena is an absolutely brilliant recreation of Magic only held back by Wizards of the Coast's monetization strategy and some unfinished business. With more of an open mind toward new modes of play (plus ways to keep your old cards relevant) and a better client, this could be the definitive way to play the best card game in the world for the foreseeable future.

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