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AeternoBlade II

Sep 11, 2019 - PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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AeternoBlade II - Launch Trailer | PS4 thumbnail

AeternoBlade II - Launch Trailer | PS4

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Aeternoblade II | Gameplay Trailer | PS4

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AeternoBlade II | Announcement Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for AeternoBlade II

With unenjoyable and clunky combat that is made much worse during the 3D segments, a laughably archetypal fantasy story, and dated character models, it's hard to actually believe that AeternoBlade II released this year for modern consoles. AeternoBlade II simply falls short of all of its ambitions, whatever they might have been.

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AeternoBlade II is a mess of overly-complex mechanics and ill-fitting systems that struggles at all times to keep up with itself.

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AeternoBlade 2 for the Nintendo Switch follows the Metrovania style and adds some RPG elements to a game that features some good ideas. Unfortunately it doesn't take long until the player realizes that those ideas are executed rather poorly and the game lacks a serious polishing work. Furthermore, long loading times, frustrating combat and technical issues only harm the experience further and make this AeternoBlade 2 something hard to recommend.

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Harry Fritsch
4.5 / 10.0

I couldn't help but feel that the greatest time manipulation Aeternoblade II succeeds at was the 15 hours I wasted playing it

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Needless to say, when there are so many good Metroidvanias available on all formats right now, there really is no reason to invest in or play AeternoBlade II.

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Sadly if you didn’t really enjoy the first AeternoBlade I’m not sure you’ll like this one much more. The story will be confusing to anyone who didn’t play the original and even to someone like me who did it still wasn’t very interesting. The bad writing and voice over work just further drags the story down.

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It takes a special kind of talent to make a really boring action platformer. AeternoBlade II can almost be the cure for insomnia if it weren't for its embarrassing voice acted cutscenes. Outside of a few striking vistas, there is so little of value to enjoy here. There are so many better similar kinds of titles out there like Blasphemous or Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and that is not even counting 2D action games from before 2019. With so little going for AeternoBlade II, there is no reason to ever play it.

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Unfortunately, as it stands, AeternoBlade is simply not competitive either on a technical or artistic level, and that is a real shame.

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