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Merge Games, Red Blue Games, Maple Whispering Limited
Nov 15, 2019 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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SPARKLITE Release Trailer

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NEW Sparklite Gameplay Trailer (August 2019)

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Critic Reviews for Sparklite

Sparklite's constant earthquakes make for a roguelike full of variety and challenge, but that doesn't last forever.

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Sparklite is a painfully static game that can’t overcome its inspirations or its ambitions. Whether you’re looking for a retro throwback, a new obsession, or something in-between, there are far better options than this sleepy clunker.

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There's much to love about Sparklite, and it's clearly been a passion project for the small development team, but my overall experience was a frustrating one. It's hamstrung by its half-formed and unnecessarily repetitive roguelite structure that undermines the positives of the aesthetic and challenging boss fights. A good roguelite gets better and more complex with repetition, but Sparklite just increasingly overstays its welcome.

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Sparklite is an impressive outing from mobile developer Red Blue Games. It’s visuals and core mechanics harken back to classic action-adventure titles. At the same time, cleverly designed and well defined systems provide for something fresh and exciting.

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A charming Zelda-esque Roguelike with a compelling assortment of permanent upgrades. A few technical issues do detract from the experience, but the beautiful world of Sparklite is well worth exploring.

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Put simply, Sparklite is best enjoyed as a single player experience, and to that end, it excels.

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Sparklite is a fun title that is born from a wealth of classic influences. However, it may test the patience of players in the latter half of the game due to it's procedurally generated world and crazy difficulty spikes that force you to grind as much as possible just to give yourself the smallest of advantages.

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Sparklite is overflowing with charm, and it is an absolute delight to explore the constantly shifting land of Geodia. While shallow gameplay, a lack of narrative complexity, and a few frustratingly random boss battles hold it back from "must-play" status, there's definitely something here for old-school Zelda and rogue-lite fans alike.

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