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General Information

Available on:PCJan 30, 2020

Developer: Hyperstrange

Genres: Action, RPG

ELDERBORN is a Metal Action Fantasy Slasher with brütal FPP melee combat and souls-like/RPG character progression. In the times of legend, the barbarian tribes need a new dark messiah. The player becomes a merciless slayer who will uncover ancient secrets in the city of doom, and forge their own destiny. This ambitious indie game, five years in the making, combines old-school single-player feel, a classic heroic story, and modern level of skill-based challenge. All this and more creates an action-packed, lore-filled, engaging adventure that will last 8-10 hours in a single play-through. Prepare for: Skill-based, souls-like melee combat in first person perspective, complete with 11 varied weapons to master Character progression and skill system that allows you to play the game in your very own way A hand-crafted, mysterious, and dangerous world to explore - catacombs, ancient, monolithic city, and more A large selection of enemies, each with their own fighting style, tricks, strengths, and weaknesses An epic and somewhat exotic original heavy metal soundtrack with an occasional electronic beat An unapologetic tribute to Robert E. Howard-esque heroic fantasy and the awesome pop-culture of the 80's and 90's Get barbaric!

Elderborn Reviews

Elderborn is almost a good game. It's got most of the ingredients that would require, such as strong visuals, tight gameplay, and varied enemies. But the placement of those enemies is so terrible and ill-conceived that it basically ruins the entire game. That along with a third act that feels like the game just gives up do a whole lot to damage what could have been a very compelling experience.

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ELDERBORN, Metal AF Slasher - Story Intro (m) thumbnail

ELDERBORN, Metal AF Slasher - Story Intro (m)

ELDERBORN - Metal AF Slasher, coming to Steam on January 30, 2020 thumbnail

ELDERBORN - Metal AF Slasher, coming to Steam on January 30, 2020

ELDERBORN Early Access Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

ELDERBORN Early Access Gameplay Trailer


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