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General Information

Available on:PCMay 7, 2020

Developer: Dreamplant

Publisher: All in! Games

Genres: Action, RPG, Roguelike

Arboria is a 3D rogue-lite, third-person action RPG. As a warrior, a Yotun, explore procedurally generated dungeons, use a variety of tools to overcome challenges, obliterate enemies using Symbiotic Weapons and mutate to become stronger. Become the Chosen One who will save the Yotunz Tribe from extinction. Leave the safety of your Refuge to venture through The Hole into the vast and ever-changing land of Durnar. The underground world is full of dangers, mysteries and the only way leads down… Heal The Father Tree and restore the power of your tribe. Explore procedurally generated dungeons and other areas Use a range of Symbiotic Weapons and Bio-Mutations Choose from a multitude of upgrades Meet the unusual denizens of the Refuge Face unique enemies and bosses You will fight enemies in real-time dynamic combat that will challenge your skills. Dash, roll, attack. Adjust your combat tactics when facing various opponents and choose your symbiont weapons wisely—they will affect your combat style. For an additional advantage, make the best use of organic mutations. If you fail in combat, your character dies permanently and you have to start the next run from the beginning. The veri you collect serves two purposes—it’s an offering for the Godz and your key to growth. Warriors do not live long, but their successors will pick the fruits of their efforts, affecting the next generation’s stats and abilities.

Arboria Critic Reviews

There's no doubt Arboria is an interesting rogue lite, but perhaps it was been published at the wrong time, in a market really overcrowded by games of the same type. The game offers captivating graphics, the original setting and the robust combat system, as well as the interesting character skill tree have but also lacks variety, which combined with the abscence of side quests tends to make every run look the same. I still enjoyed, although the long waiting times between one run and the next are a poor fit for the genre.

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Arboria is a fairly fun hack-and-slash roguelike adventure game with all its potential coming from how long you’re willing to play it for. It’s easy to jump in and out but truly becomes rewarding when you spend time developing your Yotun and exploring the dangerous depths of the ever-changing Durnar.

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Arboria is a roguelike that mixes dark level design with hack-n-slash 3D gameplay. The gameplay is fun, but the biggest problem of the game is that rooms and mobs are repetitive. It impacts the general experience that results boring after one or two runs.

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ARBORIA | Official Early Access Release Trailer | 2020 | (PC)

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Arboria | Official Teaser 2019 | (PC)

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