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May 7, 2020 - PC

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ARBORIA | Official Early Access Release Trailer | 2020 | (PC) thumbnail

ARBORIA | Official Early Access Release Trailer | 2020 | (PC)

Arboria | Official Teaser 2019 | (PC) thumbnail

Arboria | Official Teaser 2019 | (PC)

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Critic Reviews for Arboria

Arboria’s Souls-inspired combat is solid and it does some original things with the roguelike genre. It’s a modest title to be sure, but punches well above its weight when it comes to pure entertainment value. It’s weird and irreverent, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and all its systems work pretty well together. Arboria is one of those games that doesn’t try to do everything, but it has a distinctive approach to familiar mechanics and while it gets a little repetitive, it’s still fun for a good long time.

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There's no doubt Arboria is an interesting rogue lite, but perhaps it was been published at the wrong time, in a market really overcrowded by games of the same type. The game offers captivating graphics, the original setting and the robust combat system, as well as the interesting character skill tree have but also lacks variety, which combined with the abscence of side quests tends to make every run look the same. I still enjoyed, although the long waiting times between one run and the next are a poor fit for the genre.

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Are you passionate about rogue like like Hades? Are you sick of the fighting that Dark Souls raises? Well, Arboria will fill you with joy, as it combines the best of these two genres to make a unique, fun, profound work whose emphasis on progression is measured with surgical precision.

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Arboria is a roguelike that mixes dark level design with hack-n-slash 3D gameplay. The gameplay is fun, but the biggest problem of the game is that rooms and mobs are repetitive. It impacts the general experience that results boring after one or two runs.

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Despite the performance issues at the end of the game, Arboria is a good action roguelike experience. Any fans of the genre will enjoy the title a lot and probably won't be bothered by its repetitiveness or its other slight flaws.

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Arboria is a fairly fun hack-and-slash roguelike adventure game with all its potential coming from how long you’re willing to play it for. It’s easy to jump in and out but truly becomes rewarding when you spend time developing your Yotun and exploring the dangerous depths of the ever-changing Durnar.

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Arboria is a title with good ideas but like some flaws that cloud the final result. If you have played absolutely all the roguelikes and roguelites on the market, you will like Arboria and it will even surprise you with some of its mechanics. If not, there are better deals on the market.

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If you like to give yourself a bone and are not afraid of roguelikes then Arboria will be a great choice.

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