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Umurangi Generation

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 19, 2020


Publisher: PLAYISM

Genre: Adventure

Umurangi Generation is a first person photography game in the shitty future. Set in Tauranga Aotearoa off the back of an impending crisis you are a courier for the Tauranga Express. Throughout the game you will unlock a variety of lenses and equipment. Unique and expressive grading system Each photo you take is judged on its colour, content and composition. Taking a photo will net you a cash score which will go towards your final payout. Complete Photo Bounties any way you like. Once you've completed these bounties deliver the parcel to finish the level. Exploration bonuses on each level New equipment for your camera is unlocked by finding film canisters, recreating postcards, fulfilling timed deliveries, and finding a way to fit all of your friends in one photo. Edit your photos and develop your unique colour grade. The tools in the game are flexible enough that you can touch up your photos to look better than when you took them. If you are an experienced photographer you’ll fit right in. If this is your first time, you’ll be on your journey in no time. What the hell is an 'Umurangi'? Umurangi is the Te Reo word for Red Sky.

Umurangi Generation Critic Reviews

An acute reflection of recent crises, Umurangi Generation is an excellent glimpse into a dystopian future that's looming all too close.

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Umurangi Generation's vibrant ambience validates the rebellion of its doomed youth culture. It also renders the player a transient witness to a surging tragedy. Umurangi Generation's key is its camera, as it allows its protagonist and its player the agency to access and capture a world beyond their control. It creates a vantage point untended since Jet Set Radio, and Umurangi Generation didn't even need skates or spray paint to get there.

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Umurangi Generation is a stirringly unique look at the end of the world. It’s a creative toolbox that presents you with an endless stream of inspiration. It’s a story that resonates deeply with the world we live in. It’s a damn good video game, and you should play it.

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[Umurangi Generation's] unfolding story, unnerving setting and atmosphere, hip soundtrack, and simple breezy gameplay are enough to make this an adventure that stands out amidst its indie peers.

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