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The TakeOver

Antonios Pelekanos, Pelikan13
Nov 9, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for The TakeOver

A gorgeously framed love letter to the Streets of Rage series, The Takeover is a surprisingly robust and attractive side-scrolling brawler that finds itself let down by poor AI, repetitive enemy types and completely unneeded non-fighting stages. Sadly, the upshot of such devoted love for Sega's series is that the developers behind The Takeover seemingly were concerned more with making the next Streets of Rage, rather than focusing on making the first Takeover.

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Regardless, The TakeOver is a wonderful time. It's not overly long and its unique mechanics help it stand out against other brawlers on Switch like River City Girls and Streets of Rage 4. If you're looking for a great homage to the '90s that incorporates modern enhancements, this game will meet your expectations and then some.

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The obvious question when reviewing The TakeOver is how it compares to Streets of Rage 4, and we're pleased to report that it's just as worthy of your time as money, even if it lacks online play and some of the extra polish that DotEmu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games' title possesses. Some players will no doubt take issue with the CG-style sprites, but every other aspect of this package feels spot-on and we especially appreciate the two bonus stages, which feel like love letters to other Sega classics. The TakeOver offers an engaging and addictive alternative to Streets of Rage 4, and any self-respecting fan of the side-scrolling fighting genre shouldn't hesitate to pick up both.

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If you're a fan of side-scrolling beat 'em ups then look no further than The Takeover.

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The TakeOver is an absolutely solid beat-'em-up experience. Get past some of the shortcomings, like constant load times and bad cut scene art, and you have a title that uses a solid base with additions that feel just right for the genre without going overboard. It's fun either solo or with a friend, and while online play would've been nice, fans of the genre will enjoy every minute with the game.

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Despite its issues, if you’ve had your fill of Streets of Rage 4 and are after another side-scrolling beat ’em up to play, you should definitely consider adding The TakeOver to your collection. Though it does eventually lose some of its shine, its combat system offers more depth than most in the genre, and the package as a whole has some genuinely nice ideas. The fact that it looks so good and has a great soundtrack is just icing on the cake.

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The TakeOver offers classic beat 'em up action that you can enjoy with a pal yet it doesn't do much unique with its gameplay.

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The game looks gorgeous and has a pretty good combat system. Unfortunately the many explosives being covered up and some technical issues can let your play through down a bit. There is no online and the skipping of a couple levels when playing in co-op is an odd decision. Even though the campaign is short there’s enough content elsewhere to keep you going. Being so inspired by other series it doesn’t appear to stand out much. Yet the different game play is what makes it a good choice for beat-em-up fans

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