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Aeolis Tournament

Beyond Fun Studio
Jul 16, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Aeolis Tournament

Aeolis Tournament is a fun, easy to pick up multiplayer game that pits friends against each other to determine the top spot. Players will enjoy the simple control scheme and short events. However, the lack of variety in the events will hinder the replay value of Aeolis Tournament, thus turning some players away.

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Offering some exciting couch co-op action, this one will definitely produce some laughs and good times, but the lack of variety in the controls limit the differences in the game modes, which is only accentuated by the bare-bones single-player offerings.

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If you have never heard of Aeolis Tournament then you are missing out; the game is a hidden gem.

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Aeolis Tournament, in that sense, is for those in need of something simple and direct. Naturally, you can go for additional goals and power-ups, but the core works well enough for an hour or two. Frankly, I can't see myself keeping it long in my rotation, but the game works well for how long it lasts.

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It's a capable multiplayer funfest yet Aeolis Tournament's core gameplay could use more variety to help keep it fresh and exciting.

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Aeolis Tournament is a great option for those who want to entertain children and still have fun together. It is a title that supports up to eight players in local or online mode, but fails to offer anything more than that. In addition to the simplified controls and Portuguese localization, it is a good way to entertain a children's party without having to put a more complex or possibly inappropriate title on television.

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Despite any hangups I experienced during my time with Aeolis Tournament, I will say it accomplished all its goals. It’s accessible — I can see kids as young as four getting the swing of this. It’s replayable — quick burst rounds give off that “one more go” gameplay. It features a focus on multiplayer — as there is no mode available with fewer than two characters on the field, you’ll always be playing against someone, even if it’s the AI.

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The main critique of Aeolis Tournament is that it lacks some depth to its content. All 6 modes feel quite solid but some could do with fleshing out a bit more than others. It’s a shame that each session only has a single map. It feels like some could benefit from different arena designs with the exception of the Football and Hockey maps. These two seem absolutely fine as they are. While the experience is fun this will probably only be a game I pull out to play with friends which will hopefully be sometime in the future. Other than that I only see myself and the bots. Of all the party games I have covered Aeolis does a lot of things right. Simple controls suitable for everyone and the game modes on offer are a lot of fun. It’s just a shame the content is a little light. But who knows maybe that will come later down the road. What is present is a solid party game well worth playing with friends and family a like when you get the chance of course.

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