Tears of Avia

CooCooSqueaky, PQube Limited

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Tears of Avia

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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneOct 15, 2020
PCOct 15, 2020

Developer: CooCooSqueaky

Publisher: PQube Limited

Genres: RPG, Strategy

Tears Of Avia is a turn-based strategy and tactics game, set in the beautiful world of Estera. Estera, a once proud and thriving world, is torn by war between the two large city-states; Tirig, the largest military in the land who praise the Gods, and the city state Helmgar, the Godless heretics to the north. Build your party and venture forth to discover the secrets behind ancient long abandoned cities; and decide where your own morality ultimately lies in this turn-based action strategy game. CHARACTERS Play as a varied and exciting cast of characters on your adventure through Estera, each with their own abilities and view on each other. As war continues to split the land, will camaraderie conquer all or will personal views rip your team apart. COMBAT Create your party from five different classes and dozens of playable characters. Combine hundreds of unique skills to ensure victory and never have the same fight twice as each character features its own upgrade and levelling tree. STRATEGY Combine abilities to create powerful combos against your foes, or combine defensive abilities to negate the deadliest attacks. Combine burn, freeze, stun, cripple and more to obtain your goals, and use retaliation, redirects, immunities and more to halt the death of your heroes. NARRATIVE Decide your fate with a deep branching narrative and choice driven decisions. Your actions may lead to an outcome which the world of Estera may not deserve. Should your party feature characters from all sides of the war, opinions may clash and it may not always be for the better. WORLD Explore the stunning world of Estera and breathe in the beautiful hand illustrated locations. Venture deep into murky dangerous woods, roam vibrant busy towns and ransack long forgotten tombs. From the dizzying heights of Tower Of The Ancients to the harsh lands of Arralash, the world is yours to discover.

Tears of Avia Critic Reviews

There's such a lack of polish and precision to Tears of Avia that it's difficult to blindly recommend. As a fan of the tactics JRPG genre, I did enjoy this, but it would be disingenuous of me to suggest that there weren't many other games out there with a similar ambition that are executed far better.

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Although Tears of Avia features lovely art, serviceable gameplay, and fun skills, it's such a mess of a game that it's difficult to thoroughly enjoy, especially when you reach its insane difficulty spikes.

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Tears of Avia attempted to present a larger-than-life indie SRPG but bit off way more than it could chew. Creating a world that players don’t care about and a battle system that is broken after the first hour is a huge misstep for any title in this genre. There are some great ideas here, though. Character designs, animations, and writing make for some of the best moments, but all at the cost of an unmemorable adventure. Score:

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But sadly, at the end of the day I just can’t really recommend Tears of Avia to anyone else. Not being terrible is not the same as actually being good, and while I understand that this was made with love, it is ultimately a love that has little to nothing to add to the genre aside from being more of it.

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