Purple tree, Zordix, Green Man Gaming Publishing

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General Information

Available on:PCTBA 2020
PlayStation 4TBA 2020
Xbox OneTBA 2020
Nintendo SwitchTBA 2020
Xbox Series X/SDec 31, 2020
PlayStation 5Dec 31, 2020

Developer: Purple tree

Publishers: Zordix, Green Man Gaming Publishing

Genre: Action

Inspired by the classic gameplay of Bomberman, Ponpu takes the concept in a new direction, adding new mechanics and features while packaging it in super-slick, hand-drawn graphics. Play through the epic single-player campaign where you’ll face off against some of the coolest boss fights you’ve ever seen, in a race to defeat the almighty Duck-God and to stop him from resetting the universe. Once you’ve honed your skills in the campaign, take the fight to your friends (or foes) in either local multiplayer or online. Ponpu features 3 game modes, all equally chaotic; coin chase, paint battle and good old fashioned deathmatch. FEATURES:  A fresh take on a classic game concept An epic campaign with massive bosses Hectic 4-player multiplayer with three crazy game modes:Deathmatch – Last Ponpu standing wins!Coin steal – Hoard the most coins before the time is up. Dragon style! Paint battle – Paint the town red! (or you know… whichever color you prefer) The most epic egg-based arsenal ever witnessed!

Ponpu Critic Reviews

It is joyful not only to have another 2D Bomberman, but to have it so beautiful and so well laid out. This is not easy to achieve, which is why it is a pity that the thing did not come up to that base and aesthetic design. A story mode that is not as much fun as it should be, and a multiplayer mode that is, but that asks for more options and content. But Ponpu works and deserves the opportunity.

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Audience Reviews

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