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Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2

Apr 23, 2015 - Wii U

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Mario Kart 8 - DLC Pack 2 Launch Trailer (Wii U)

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Critic Reviews for Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2

Almost a year after its launch and Mario Kart 8 still earns its spot in your Wii U disc drive. Nintendo's racer remains one of the finest games on the company's home console, and this second helping of extras has cemented the game further among the very best of the series. If this pack is the work of the new Nintendo, long may such expansions continue.

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Generous in both content and price, this is another gold standard in DLC expansions – and in terms of 200cc mode one of the best free extras ever.

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As with DLC Pack 1, Nintendo has shown what great downloadable content can look like and that it doesn't need to arrive on day one or even month one. While not every new track is memorable, there is a consistent quality here and a few of them represent Mario Kart at its best. It was a treat to see other Nintendo properties dip into the game last year and that novelty hasn't worn off yet. This is the future of the series. It has to be.

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It's impossible not to be impressed with the second round of DLC: in every way, it either lives up to or even surpasses even the original game, gives tons of content, and does so all while expanding the possibilities of Mario Kart for the future. And it is just eight dollars; less than that if you got the combo pack. Truly, this is a phenomenal example of what DLC should be, and it brings Mario Kart 8 to ever increasing heights.

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Can't resist the appeal of this second DLC. If the 3 drivers (Marie, the villager and Skelet Bowser) and 4 vehicles have no other claim than to satisfy lovers of cosmetic diversity, it is obviously the circuits that allow the machine to be restarted. With very well approached "reprises" such as the merry Baby Parc and the picky Koopapolis of Mario Kart 7 and the new downright rejoicing, the Big Blue drawn from F-Zero in the lead, we can say that the tracks bring a real renewal.

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Pack 2 beautifully closes the expansion plan designed by Nintendo for its (already exceptional) Mario Kart 8. The new characters and vehicles are flanked by 8 circuits - 4 unpublished and 4 filmed and revisited by the old episodes - which bring the total number of tracks available to 48.

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Old tracks, new tracks, more characters, more vehicles. This new Mario Kart expansion has it all!

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200cc performs shockingly well online, although I feel like I'm having more dropped games overall than I had prior to the 2nd DLC wave. I will say that racing online in 200cc makes me feel a little better about myself as I watch other human players go through the exact same struggles I am. This second DLC pack is great—better than the first—and I highly recommend it.

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