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Down in Bermuda

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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneJan 14, 2021
Nintendo SwitchJan 14, 2021
PCJan 14, 2021

Developer: Yak & Co

Publisher: Yak & Co

Genres: Adventure, RPG, Puzzle

An unnatural storm leaves an adventurous aviator stranded for decades within the infamous Bermuda. Overcome creatures of the deep and unravel the islands secrets in search for a way back home. Down in Bermuda is a quirky adventure filled with puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover. Our adventurous aviator Milton finds himself trapped in a time bubble deep inside the Bermuda and needs your help to escape. Crack codes, solve puzzles, collect magic orbs and escape each of the six unique islands, each one leading to the next on a quest for a way back home. From the studio who brought you the suave secret agent adventure Agent A: A puzzle in disguise.

Down in Bermuda Critic Reviews

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Down in Bermuda is a fun little puzzle-adventure. That said, I beat it in just over three (leisurely) hours. The $19.99 launch price is hard to justify, especially for a game whose mobile origins shine through in both looks and feel. So wishlist this one for a future sale.

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Down in Bermuda is an entirely forgettable puzzle game that blends into the background of an oversaturated genre. What makes it stand out is the steep $20 price tag, made even more outlandish by the lack of content.

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Spending time in the Bermuda Triangle with Down in Bermuda on Xbox is tremendous. It's a game where you can just kick back and relax, solving puzzles in your own time without anything trying to kill you, or you ever needing to worry about silly time restraints.

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The only complaint I have about Down in Bermuda is you can’t see all of the island when you zoom out. But that’s down to the size of the screen on the Switch in handheld mode and not necessarily the games fault. I’ve throughly enjoyed the puzzles in Down in Bermuda, there are just the right kind of difficulty. Enough of a challenge to give you a feeling of satisfaction once you have completed them. Hunting down the orbs is entertaining as you search everywhere for all of them. And for that, I give it our highest praise!

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