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Sanity of Morris

StickyLock Studios, Alterego Games
Mar 23, 2021 - PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Critic Reviews for Sanity of Morris

Sanity of Morris will test your sanity with buggy enemies and an inane plot that doesn't make sense. A lot of it doesn't make sense.

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A faintly interesting premise is irrevocably squandered by muddy visuals, tedious moment-to-moment gameplay and a hateable weak-willed protagonist.

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Although Sanity of Morris may have some interesting ideas for plot and gameplay mechanics, it fails to execute any of its concepts. Throughout its three levels, the game fails to keep an atmosphere of suspense or provide any consistent scares, to the point where boredom, rather than fear, will stop you from playing.

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Sanity of Morris wants to invoke paranoia and investigative skepticism, but instead elicits frustration and unintentional hilarity.

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Sanity of Morris is going to be remembered as one of those kinds of ironic and unintentionally funny video games. While it is not quite Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, the lack of quality control and effort suggests the developers leaned heavily on their concept. The idea of a grounded stealth/horror experience, with adventure-style puzzle-solving is an easy sell to a lot of people. The only problem is that Sanity of Morris does not even try.

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Gathering elements of psychological tension, exploration and an alien plot, Sanity of Morris seeks to deliver an authentic experience within its own conception by investing in two parallel stories that will win the attention of the players. Despite presenting some slips in its technical part that can hinder part of the campaign's progress, the game delivers consistency and fun in the art of narrating bizarre events and causing discomfort.

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In the end, Sanity of Morris tries to do something different from your typical horror game. And while a few moments shine, it’s ultimately a disappointing endeavour. The story may well keep you invested enough through its four-or-so hour runtime, but its visual presentation and ropey gameplay mechanics will likely leave you wanting.

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Sanity of Morris was an enjoyable psychological horror game that focuses on aliens and insanity, rather than ghosts and death – which is a nice change. Although there are a few things that could have benefited from a little more polish and QA, such as the endings and the enemy’s ability to unfairly see through certain walls, I enjoyed the forgiving nature of the stealth segments and the interesting story scattered as documents and cassette tapes. It has a few jump scares and a few instances of gore, but overall it’s quite mild compared to other games in the genre. If like me, you like these games but suck at stealth, give Sanity of Morris a go – you’ll find it a lot less frustrating than other stealth-based games.

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