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Antab Studios, Merge Games
Aug 12, 2021 - Google Stadia, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC

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Foreclosed - Golden JoyStick Awards Trailer

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Foreclosed - Official Reveal Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2020

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Critic Reviews for FORECLOSED

Foreclosed has some really good ideas and excels in some areas. Sadly the gameplay elements make the experience a little frustrating and tough, and the pacing is uneven. Still, Foreclosed is well worth experiencing.

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I also wish some narrative sections played out to their end and the choices mattered a bit more, but Foreclosed tells its story and gets out. I can’t fault it for not overstaying. If you want a snappy cyberpunk adventure it might be worth seeing how the story of Evan Kapnos and his fight for his own identity play out. Just be prepared to deal with some average and occasionally frustrating gameplay all along the way.

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Foreclosed is a good action game that mixes different elements of gameplay, with a very intriguing graphic novel style but which does not offer an adequate longevity.

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Antab Studio provides living proof that style should not come before substance in an eye-catching albeit below average shooter which would've felt at home on the PlayStation 2.

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Foreclosed manages to condense in a single game a decent shooter, a basic role-playing game and, why not, even a bit of science fiction thriller, which doesn't hurt. The problem, however, is who exactly this game is meant for: it is too light as an FPS, too basic as an RPG, and the puzzles aren't deep enough for an adventure. It needs someone who wants to simply live a cyberpunk experience, as long as your expectations aren't set too high.

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A small range of unlockable augments do make things a touch more bearable, but Evan can barely activate a single skill before his implants start overheating and you're forced to stop what you're doing. We think Foreclosed is meant to be played like a run-and-gun, ability-popping shooter — but the execution misses the mark almost completely.

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Foreclosed is a stylish title that integrates comics and video games. The use of panels is exemplary and helps to communicate the narrative. With the symbiote revolver and intuitive hacking, the game has implemented many features successfully. Unfortunately, the repetitive gameplay and sparse environments affect the overall experience. That being said, releasing at a budget price, comic book fans may want to check out this intriguing title.

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Foreclosed's visual style is nice, the cyberpunk aesthetic is one I fell in love with and wished could be explored more in-depth, and the plot is by the numbers but still engaging. Unfortunately, all of these good things are held back by a lackluster upgrade system, a laughably incompetent enemy AI, and sometimes downright insulting level design that feels more like it's built around trial and error rather than tactical usage of resources and abilities. The game should be approached with caution as it can provide a fun experience but also a mildly infuriating one.

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