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BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites

Ziggurat Interactive, WayForward
Sep 9, 2021 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites

All in all, BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites is a solid title for anyone who’s into hack ‘n slash.

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As a fan of the original two BloodRayne games I am excited to see one of my favorite dhampirs back in the gaming spotlight. On the other hand, I wish that Ziggurat would have brought those remastered games from PC to console. Betrayal: Fresh Bites isn’t a bad game at all, its just not a great example of BloodRayne at it’s best; even with the new HD bells and whistles. My hope is that this game will give Rayne some attention and make the developers see that she is a character worthy of not only a remaster but a brand-new adventure.

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Don't get me wrong - I had a fun time with BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites. The rebalanced difficulty is great, and there's even an option for sadists that enjoy the original. Combat has some strategy I appreciated, especially with figuring out when and where to detonate infected enemies for maximum effect. (I still received many C grades for my time and life scores at the end of levels, though.) It's just that I wish some of the platforming were better and the characters were given more personality. Hopefully, this re-release will garner interest in BloodRayne, and a fleshed-out sequel will head our way one day.

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The customer is always right, so the saying goes, and as customers of this game, players can have some legitimate complaints about the service. The platforming is not fun: sadistic design choices are realised with lacklustre materials. But BloodRayne doesn't care. The combat, when you're allowed to play it, is unique and raucous and deliciously convoluted, with a skill ceiling as high as a gothic cathedral. BloodRayne isn't here to take your order; it's here to suck your blood.

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The simplistic combat, lack of enemy variety and clunky platforming make it hard to recommend for anyone aside from nostalgic fans of the series.

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Revived and reanimated, BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites returns for the modern generation with bloody bliss! Developer WayForward is tasked with reworking their 2011 hack n' slash title to greater effect. Whether or not it succeeds may depend solely on one's tolerance for archaic touch-ups.

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BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites features great-looking animation and creative level designs, but is hindered less-than-stellar game mechanics.

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The action and gameplay are a bloody feast for fans in Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites, but the difficult nature of the game can cut out a lot of its audience. Breathtaking visuals and intense gameplay packaged in a low price make this game at least a must-try for most gamers.

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