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@Unepic_fran, Versus Evil
Sep 28, 2021 - PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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UnMetal is a tricky one, really. It doesn't play brilliantly and we didn't really find it funny at all, but it is consistently presenting new and entertaining ideas to complement the core simplistic stealth gameplay, with plentiful genre changes and a metric ton of references, callbacks and metahumour that will definitely appeal to plenty of people. We're old and jaded, though, and we've seen a lot of self-deprecating humour in video games - this stuff goes right back to the likes of the ZX Spectrum, for goodness' sake. Still, we recognise the very clear surplus of enjoyable content that's been crammed into UnMetal and its appeal should not be disregarded simply because we found it a little familiar. It never lets up with the gags, subversions and new sights to see all the way through its surprisingly robust length, and it doesn't forget to make the actual stealth enjoyable to boot. Definitely an impressive effort that assuredly deserves to find an audience.

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While being a good clone of the original MGS, UnMetal does something few other MGS-like games did in the past: it not only emulates the stealth mechanics, but it replicates Kojima's metareferential design, and it does so in a way that feels both fresh and funny. UnMetal plays with 80's stereotypes and the player's mind at the same time.

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UnMetal is an incredible tribute to one of the greatest franchises in the medium. While the game pokes fun at the title and highlights flaws and silly elements, it’s clear that it is done with love and admiration for the series. Similar to how Mel Brooks lovingly rips Hitchcock apart in High Anxiety, UnEpic Fran does the same with Kojima. The varied gameplay and creative storytelling will keep you in hysterics throughout. Although some may find the retro gameplay a little grating, fans of Metal Gear and the stealth genre need to experience this side-splitting tactical espionage adventure.

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It’s a hard task to create something that pays homage to a beloved work, as no matter what happens it will always be compared to that original piece, often unfavorably. Against these odds, UnMetal manages to straddle the line of being both a parody and an exceptional example of a top-down stealth game more than able to stand up to such scrutiny. While the game’s inspirations are obvious, it’s the fact that it also stands out on its own merits which makes it special and worth playing for anyone longing for a retro experience or clever, enjoyable writing.

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UnMetal is one of those games that you start without a real reason and end at all costs. It is not a masterpiece be clear, but a very good game to have some healthy laughter in front of dialogues that are a mix of absurdity and pure idiocy. UnMetal is a tribute from beginning to end to the Metal Gear series: more than the typical action hero, Jesse Fox looks like the somewhat crazy clone of Snake. For those looking for something fun to play and for all lovers of retrogaming, UnMetal is a breath of fresh air in a videogame landscape that takes itself a little too seriously.

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The frustrating moments happen often enough to hamper the gameplay in many ways, but despite this, UnMetal is still a really solid stealth game with some genuinely funny moments throughout.

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Unknown Author
8.5 / 10.0

If you love Metal Gear saga and don't own UnMetal, then you're missing one of the greatest tribute experiences that genre has to offer.

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‎UnMetal brings us back the stealth and action of the 80s in a successful way, with a funny, long story, full of humor and with a magnificent sound section. Without a doubt it is a game that I recommend to every lover of the genre.‎

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