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Toy Soldiers HD

Signal Studios, Outer Heaven, Eden Industries, Accelerate Games
Oct 21, 2021 - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

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Toy Soldiers HD - gameplay first mission

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Toy Soldiers HD - Official Release Date Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Toy Soldiers HD

Otherwise, Toy Soldiers HD is probably how you remember it. There are some noticeable changes, but nothing revitalizing. Unlike Toy Soldiers Complete’s tendency to just shoehorn new mechanics into the old game where they didn’t necessarily fit, Toy Soldiers HD feels true to the original experience. It’s a bizarrely lighthearted take on a nightmarish war, but not one that feels like it wholesale throws away the history.

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As engrossing as ever, with hours of approachable tactical content to get stuck into. It's just a shame that it still very much looks like it was made 11 years ago.

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Toy Soldiers HD allows players to live out the scenarios they once created as a child playing with toys on a rainy Saturday afternoon, while also providing a complex, stressful, and beautifully crafted strategic experience. I found myself eager to see what was next, to retry levels with better defenses after learning what to expect, and to hop into a multiplayer match (even if I couldn't at press time). I may not have played the original, so I can't compare the remaster to it, but if the original was half as good as the remaster then I am sorry that I missed out on this series for so many years.

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Toy Soldiers HD is a fantastic tower defense game that fans of the genre should definitely play. It's easy to learn, hard to master, and there's a ton of replayability with the lengthy campaign, the extra levels, collectibles, achievements, and survival modes, which I've spent a lot of time playing. The controls for vehicles can be a bit stiff and the lack of co-op multiplayer is a big disappointment, but given how few decent tower-defense games there are on console, it's easy to overlook the very few shortcomings Toy Soldiers HD brings to the table. Now, when are we getting Toy Soldiers Cold War?

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Unknown Author
3 / 5.0

Toy Soldiers HD is a tough one to recommend. The game hasn't really changed for better or worse, making it both fun to revisit while being a bit ugly to look at. Most of the time the game is fun enough to ignore any of the graphical shortcomings or the frame rate issues, but sometimes the difficulty spikes can be a bit discouraging. Overall, this is a barebones HD remake that could've used some more fine tuning especially in the graphics department. Here's to hoping this unique franchise can be revitalized in the future but, as for Toy Soldiers HD, this battlefield has seen better days.

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Considering the visuals, gameplay, replayability, and online options, Toy Soldiers HD is very well done and fun to play. Figuring out how to best use your units is almost as much fun as enacting a campaign in your childhood sandbox.

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Perhaps the most appropriate way to describe the Toy Soldiers HD experience in 2023 is “quaint”. Essentially, you’re playing a defunct and superseded genre, blended with ancient action mechanics, more than 10 years old. There has been no meaningful effort to do much more than upscale the visuals. Therefore, what you’ve got here is something that has its charms, but is archaic on every level. Toy Soldiers was never good enough to be a “classic”, so you don’t even get to enjoy the retro nostalgia that comes from early-era PS3/Xbox 360 games now. It’s just dated.

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Decent return of classic tower defense game with good content.

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