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Oct 20, 2021 - PC

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Nintendo Life
7 / 10
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4 / 5
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7 / 10
8.5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Klang 2

Though Klang 2 has its issues, we feel that it still offers up a satisfying and unique enough take on the rhythm genre to at least be worth your consideration. This isn’t necessarily a title that we’d recommend to anyone looking to get their feet wet with rhythm games, but fans will likely find enough to love here that it’s at least worth the relatively low price of admission.

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At it’s core, Klang 2 is a pretty cool idea with the heavy visual inspiration from Tron and the alternating basic blue, pink, and orange color schemes that helped games like Audica and Just Beats and Shapes stand out so well. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Nintendo Switch is the best way to experience this game. Combos are often dropped due to a lack of response from pressing the analog stick in the right direction while also trying to time your shots. Most of the time it’s fine, but no matter how many times I replay a stage, I couldn’t seem to score better than a 92%. A score I’d venture to guess I could have easily crushed had I been playing this on a touch screen only interface like VOEZ.

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So what’s the verdict for this trip down the synthwave highway? As an avid EDM junkie, this is the sweetest treat for my eclectic earholes, and this review should prove that Klang 2 dares to grab that fated fruit of masterful rhythm combat. The aesthetic is eye-catching, a raver’s paradise with a perfect pitch of neon, Tron-lines, and vibrant special effects. While the story does more to present itself than the last game does, it misses a few notes in the depth department and needs a lesson or two in conciseness. Most importantly, though, the difficulty spikes can absolutely set back a casual player that can’t catch on to the combat. Fans of EDM should absolutely tune in for the soundtrack bLiNd put together for this, while rhythm game fans should approach with caution if they’re not much for electronic music or the bold color choices. For just $15, you’re getting a serious bang for your buck here.

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The sequel to Klang has sacrificed the platformer to bring in a more precise rhythmic action genre. It may not have the unique experience like the first one, but the collaboration with popular EDM artists have made them focus on the new challenges, which resulted in proving that they can conjure a cool rhythm game for everyone to enjoy. Since they’ve come back with a more approachable genre to the masses, the sequel may give you enough hype to backtrack and experience the original game as well.

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Klang 2 chooses to go in a different direction than its predecessor. A dangerous and daring choice, but rewarded by competent work in delivering a new way to experience rhythmic games. The combat can be tiring for some players, but it is balanced by the continuous introduction of new enemies with different movement patterns.

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When it comes to music and rhythm games there are those titles that take a familiar road, often mapping buttons to specific spots you’ll need to hit in rhythm, and then those that veer off to do things their own way...

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