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Dec 1, 2021 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Wartales

Don't be fooled by its drab exterior, Wartales is a deep and richly rewarding exercise in party creation.

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Wartales surprised me. It is a rare game that lets you play without getting in the way. Within minutes you will be out in the world, building your party and writing your story. That is something to be cherished in a world full of games that hold your hand to a painful degree or RPGs that take ten to twenty hours just to get to the meat of things. Wartales knows how to let players explore and have fun and doesn’t actively try to stop you from doing so, which is, unfortunately, all too rare these days. If you want a game that respects your time, look no further than Wartales.

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Wartales is an excellent sandbox RPG that gives you total freedom on the path to experience.

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Wartales is the perfect game for those who love turn-based action and min-maxing their characters. The progression system is well-thought to keep you engaged while you explore each map. Combat and crafting are two other complementary systems that add extra layers of strategy.

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Manage a band of companions and explore the vast world of Wartales. Recruit different mercenaries from different regions and create the best roster of fighters and become a well-known force to be reckoned with. Be an ambitious adventurer or a most wanted outlaw. This is an RPG sandbox game that every medieval strategist has ever dreamed of playing.

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In conclusion: Wartales is a mix of great ideas tempered by some questionable design decisions. I really want to love this game, and there is plenty of fun to be had, but I can’t help but feel like there was a missed opportunity to make a good game a true great. For fans of the genre I do recommend picking it up and giving it a go, but I really hope that the game gets expanded upon in the future to let it live up to its full potential.

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Wartales is unlike anything else I’ve played this year, as it boasts a massive landscape of near-emergent gameplay where you are not the hero of the story, but you do have a crucial role to play in it. It’s a grim, dark world to take part in, but it’s utterly fascinating at the events that take place, and how you can help shape or unmake it. The dynamicism in which things unfold makes replayability high, and the inclusion of multiplayer co-op is the perfect kind of game night with friends. Shiro Games have crafted something special here, and Wartales excels for letting you make your own successes or failures through the choices you make along the way.

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The more you play Wartales, the more you’ll find that many of the mechanics get deeper and deeper. The game is enjoyable as a whole. RPG-style strategy games are always more fun when played with a large group of people, and Wartales delivers on that front. It’s not a heavy RPG by any means—the story and dialogue are pretty sparse—but the turn-based combat is where it shines.

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