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Demon Gaze EXTRA

Experience, Cattle Call, Kadokawa Games, CLOUDED LEOPARD ENTERTAINMENT
Jan 6, 2022 - PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Demon Gaze EXTRA

Or just chill out on the couch managing your party member's furniture at the Dragon Princess with the Switch docked on your TV, then slap the joy cons on and watch a terrible Netflix docu-series while you hang out with your epic anime friends, fight monsters, and pay rent to a horrible moe landlord. It's either that or doomscroll on Twitter, and this is a more productive use of your time. I promise.

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Of course, grinding and questing usually means leaving and returning to the Inn, which also requires paying rent all the damn time. There’s a storyline, but since all of your characters are mute character portraits, all the dialogue and interactions come from the Inn’s colorful cast, most of whom I didn’t care for. I just don’t see the appeal of DGE. In the very crowded marketplace of JRPGs, there are way better choices out there.

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It’s been 8 years since its original release and has been revived with an upgraded content with its righteous title to reflect its new beginning as ‘EXTRA’. Extra graphics, soundtrack and system has all been powered up for the better gameplay experience. If you’re into Dungeon crawlers similar to ‘Wizardry’, or haven’t even delved into it’s genre, it’s a great introductory title to act as a stepping stone into the grand world of RPGs

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'Demon Gates Extra' is a well-made dungeon RPG. its additional elements and convenient functions greatly help beginners, but increasing rent and ambiguous combat systems are quite polarizing.

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Demon Gaze Extra fills a niche, ideal for those with a grind fetish. Most of its systems revolve around going out and infinitely killing. Sure, it’s a tedious affair, but the quality of life factors, such as speeding combat up, helps with that.

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Demon Gaze Extra is the definite edition of one of many cult titles the PlayStation Vita had during its lifetime. The quality of life improvements and notable graphic update to high definition allow this charismatic game to reserve its place as one of the best Dungeon RPGs available on the Switch.

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No Recommendation / Blank
Ben Thompson

Rather than building upon the foundation of its predecessor, Demon Gaze Extra takes a few steps back in terms of logical design of many of its systems.

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