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RiffTrax: The Game

Wide Right Interactive, Mark Zorn, Kurt Wojda
May 5, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC
Strong Man

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RiffTrax: The Game - Launch Trailer - (Steam, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)

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Critic Reviews for RiffTrax: The Game

The familiar voices from RiffTrax have their own game where you and your friends can make a robot do fart noises.

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And for as good as it is now, it should keep getting even better as Wide Right and RiffTrax release updates with more clips and jokes. I’m going to check in regularly, but I’ll be back on day one whenever it gets new content.

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While my friends and I loved playing RiffTrax: The Game; I don’t think its going to appeal to the masses like the movie clip, trivia game Scene it once did. (Please bring Scene It back) The lack of a real single player mode is going to hurt the appeal to some people out the gate, but then also this is a very niche game. Unless you are the type of person or surround yourself with the type of people who are quick witted when something ridiculous happens or just enjoys making fun of bad movies in a group; there won’t be much here that players will find interesting. But for those that fit the bill, and are fans of RiffTrax; you will have a ball, all for the low price of $9.99.

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RiffTrax: The Game almost entirely relies on the quick wit of the people playing it; play with a bunch of duds and you will have a dire evening. But if you have funny friends, you can have a pretty decent time playing the "Write a Riff" mode for a few rounds. Just stay far away from the "Pick a Riff" mode, and understand that the appeal here is very limited to those that enjoy this form of entertainment already.

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RiffTrax: The Game has all the tools to be a highly entertaining party game experience. Its simple and streamlined approach will make it an accessible option, even if that does make the whole package feel a little light.

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Basically an officially licensed version of What the Dub?!, RiffTrax: The Game succeeds as a creative/comedy party game by adding the familiar voices of the RiffTrax crew. A few gameplay tweaks improve the dialogue riffing formula, but more movie clips and some variation in the game's rounds would keep the fun running longer.

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If you’ve played What the Dub?! to exhaustion, then facing more of the the same in Rifftrax: The Game might not be too appealing. After all, releasing two games that are practically identical is a weird choice. But Rifftrax‘s presentation is a joy, and the addition of ‘Pick a Riff’ mode makes it at least somewhat different. Undoubtedly, you’ll have fun with Rifftrax – and considering its budget price point, you can’t really go wrong.

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