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Ground Divers!

Arc System Works
Jun 30, 2022 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Ground Divers!

Generally though this game only has so much to offer. If replaying stages doesn’t sound fun, then I would likely say skip Ground Divers! because there are only seven stages and that does seem a bit small. I personally think Ground Divers! would work better as a mobile game where pins are put down via the touch screen and other actions can be done via on screen buttons because while intense, most levels are done fairly quickly because of the built in time limit the enemies place on the player. It’s fun. I will pick it up again from time to time and for the price point I think it’s priced perfectly but I can definitely understand if a strategy game about gently guiding a robot to where he needs to be underground isn’t everyone’s interest. I think it successfully pulls off what it sets out to do.

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Ground Divers! is an interesting specimen, albeit one that looks much better than it ends up playing. On one hand, being a spectator and plotting out mining paths may be an adult's dream of a nuanced Dig Dug. On the other hand, the grindiness of replaying levels and creating gacha-esque weapons with random perks can detract from a strategic experience. The world of Ground Divers! is a charming (but desolate) one, sure, but I want so much more from this game. Should you take the plunge and try your hand at Ground Divers!, I recommend playing in short bursts to avoid burning out on the grind.

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Ground Divers is a decent mining game, with cute characters and fun dialogue punctuating an engaging, if brief, series of missions exploring the subterranean levels of an interesting alien planet.

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Ground Divers! is stuck in a limbo where it it has the foundation of an addictive rogue-action arcade game, but is held back by unnecessary features. This needed a separate mode where its minimalized or if the options allowed for some tweaking. It has cute anime girls in it and a cool tiger-man, but it isn’t enough to endure the slew of annoyances that get in the way of trying to dig a hole.

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Guiding a robot as it tunnels underground makes for one enjoyable gameplay formula that'll keep you hooked once you learn the ropes.

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Ground Divers! mashes elements of classic games such as Dig-Dug with roguelikes, a genre popular with modern day gaming. The gameplay is defined by it's fast-paced, replayable nature and infusion of RPG elements. The game's colorful presentation radiates very feel-good vibes for an experience worth playing through on Switch.

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Ground Divers’ cute looks hide a game with surprising depth. While there aren’t very many stages, they quickly start to require a great deal of strategy and planning which can be a lot of fun. It isn’t a must-play, but those looking for a charming puzzle game where resource management is key, and they’ll need to use their heads should give Ground Divers a look.

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No Recommendation / Blank
Ben Thompson

The deeper you dig into this mining adventure, the more you uncover the unfortunate truth of its simplistic design.

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