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Restless Soul

Fuz Games , Graffiti Games
Sep 1, 2022 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Restless Soul

Restless Soul as a pretty difficult game to recommend. Even though it’s not a painful experience, it comes up short on almost every facet by which I would rate a game’s success. Its gameplay is shallow, the narrative is simple to a fault, and the aesthetics don’t nearly impress. I’d suggest maybe giving the afterlife a pass, because Restless Soul is a mere ghost of a game.

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While the banter has a certain amount of charm, for us it became wearisome somewhat quickly. There’s almost too much of it. You can’t ignore NPCs entirely — there are times when you need pointers — but most offer no useful information whatsoever, and are only there to serve up yet another ba-dum-tss moment. Developer Fuz, who appears in-game as a townsperson, clearly thinks of themselves as a witticist, and that’s fine — just be aware that if you tire of the humour, you’ll tire of the game.

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Restless Soul has stylish visuals, a cute premise, and enjoyable combat. But it has little of the natural charm of the games it’s trying so hard to emulate, rendering it a mildly amusing but ultimately unoriginal game.

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Whether or not you vibe with Restless Soul's comedy will entirely determine whether you have a good time with it. I'm growing rather tired of self-referentiality in-game humor, and I also like my jokes to come from real characters, so Restless Soul's comedy didn't entirely work for me. If your sense of humor is different to mine, you may find the comedy more tolerable, and if you do, there's a perfectly agreeable quasi-bullet hell adventure to be had here. The whole experience is rather insubstantial and lacks a solid core gameplay mechanic to hang everything else on, but it's got a lot of heart, and that counts for something.

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Restless Soul is a fun game, with great characters and a silly story that is sure to make you laugh. The game is a lot more challenging than the simple retro-looking graphics will make you believe.

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Unfortunately I didn't find any of them to be very funny, which was only exacerbated by the non-stop parade of attempts at humor. The writing is just not very good, which could have been fine if there was a great game to get attached to, but that sadly isn't the case. Between poor writing and gameplay with less depth than a Mario Party minigame, Restless Soul simply doesn't have anything I think is worth seeing.

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Restless Soul is committed to surprising each and every one of its screens, it is not a really difficult title, although it is somewhat rough in its gameplay in action. Even so, it has certain adjustments to adapt its difficulty. The title has full compatibility and a more than acceptable duration of 5 hours. It is a highly recommended title if you are looking for a surprising title with a good story full of humor.

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A humorous adventure in the Beyond with its touches of shoot 'em up and puzzles, but that stands out in an interesting 2.5D artistic section, and above all, in being a machine gun of jokes with infinite ammunition. Rest assured that you will find a very timely joke when you least expect it, and the developer will be there, proud to have brought a smile to your face with his work.

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