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Alkemi Games, Dear Villagers
Sep 15, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Foretales

Rather austere in its presentation, and repetitive in its gameplay, Foretales unpacks an intriguing story via a roguelite narration, which makes you throw part by game, but in moderation. You will at least want to achieve a beautiful ending!

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An interesting narrative-based card game whose gameplay loops get repetitive too soon.

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Card games can be a tough sell, especially in video games. The threat of mechanical complexity can put some off, while for others it just seems a boring choice when fully-animated adventures are just as readily available. Sometimes, Foretales doesn’t do the best job of countering this argument, as it can disappear up itself through endless, monotonous combat. And yet, when it puts down the dagger and lets you explore the world to work things out for yourself, it shows that we’re nowhere near close running out of engaging new ways to use small slabs of art.

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Foretales has been an entertaining ride, especially when it comes to the writing and the smart way in which cards are used during the non-combat sequences. The way the story expands and changes based on decisions means there is much replayability and more great writing to enjoy, and as long as you can avoid too much combat, Foretales has every reason to be a game to look out for when compared to contemporaries like Inscryption or Voice of Cards, or its real-life counterparts like Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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At the end of the day, Foretales offers a broad and delightful journey all within a digital tabletop setting. Its card art and party are diverse. Clever and varied card mechanics, along with party members' abilities, make for a fun suite of solution tools to use against some tough and fantastical narrative-based obstacles. However, with a lack of checkpoints, players may at times feel like they have bitten off more than they can chew in a run. Still, this remains a funky, unique little indie worth checking out for ambition and coziness alone. Carry on.

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The systems and inner workings of Foretales create a captivating, addictive experience, but the repetitive nature of character and location cards stymies an otherwise magnificent experience.

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Foretales is a game that perfectly succeeds in creating a story of infinite possibilities. A cross between a fantasy board game and a good book set in the Middle Ages.

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Foretales has a lot of moving parts to this card-based game. The narrative-driven mechanic allows the players freedom to select which path to choose and how to play their hand is a fascinating, albeit risky, take on the genre. However, it works. You'll enjoy your time with the game if you approach Foretales as a strategy game rather than a deck-builder.

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