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Amnesia: Later x Crowd

Idea Factory, Otomate
Sep 20, 2022 - Nintendo Switch
The Outerhaven Productions
3 / 5
6.5 / 10
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Amnesia™: Memories and Amnesia™: Later x Crowd | Announcement Trailer | Nintendo Switch™ thumbnail

Amnesia™: Memories and Amnesia™: Later x Crowd | Announcement Trailer | Nintendo Switch™

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Critic Reviews for Amnesia: Later x Crowd

Amnesia: Later x Crowd is a fun expansion into the world of Amnesia. It requires knowledge of Amnesia: Memories and takes place as sequels. The sad part is it doesn't have a lot of content combining the two games together.

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I did enjoy the game and loved to see that the characters got their happy ending. But I must add that the original game was better. The reason for this is that it just lacked an actual storyline, and it was a lot of the same lovey dovey dialog. Some positives for this game were definitely the side character stories, the beautiful CG’s and the happy endings of Amnesia: Crowd.

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While things like Amnesia: Later x Crowd aren’t for everyone, it’s a really, really great treat for certain people, and I love that they can access this without needing to import and learn Japanese. I hope this sets a pace and a tone for even more Japan exclusives to finally cross the ocean as the Nintendo Switch juggernauts onward.

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It's hard to fully rate these fan discs or compilations of post-game content because they're so dependent on how well the base game clicked with you, or if you weren't satisfied with the handling of a suitor and want to see them get their comeuppance. Later x Crowd is one of the better fandisc treatments on the Switch, however, with a good mix of modes and two games worth of fanservice. It's a definite recommendation after clearing the original.

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