The Oregon Trail

Nov 14, 2022 - PC, Nintendo Switch
80 / 100
Jump Dash Roll
6 / 10
8.5 / 10
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The Oregon Trail Media

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The Oregon Trail - Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was, and is, a landmark product in gaming history. Gameloft’s remake updates a classic and makes it relevant and fun for gamers in 2022, without sacrificing the original’s personality. Setting off for the West has never been more inviting.

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The Oregon Trail is a fun and simplistic survival-em-up that ultimately does little to justify its high price in the wake of more modern entries into the genre.

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This isn’t just a new version of a game, this is the updated version that actually caters to what gaming personalities expect and look for in new titles. Sure, there’s no touchscreen controls, which is a bizarre choice for something that was just on a goddamn touchscreen device, but whatever! It’s The Oregon Trail, you can play and unlock the filter to make it monochrome green if you’d like. Or you can appreciate the color, the pizazz, and the actual gameplay and realize that it’s a frigging masterpiece.

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