WHALIEN - Unexpected Guests Reviews

WHALIEN - Unexpected Guests is ranked in the 48th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
5 / 10.0
Mar 12, 2023

WHALIEN is a reasonably entertaining puzzle-solving game with tools that have a lot of potential, but it probably won’t tax your head or your fingers.

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8 / 10.0
Mar 5, 2023

WHALIEN - Unexpected Guests is a fun, 3D puzzle platformer, full of crazy characters and vibrant visuals that will make you smile. The game is quite short, but the puzzles are enjoyable and never frustrating. Plus who doesn't enjoy a plethora of whale puns?

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8 / 10.0
Feb 7, 2023

Whalien – Unexpected Guests offers a fun and quirky platforming adventure packed with satisfying physics-based puzzling. It’s ALWAYS cool to see how you can cause chaos across each environment with your handy gadgets, whilst the world itself looks wonderful, is full of colour, and feels good to explore. Sure, it is a bit on the easy side and the journey isn’t a particularly long one, but there’s definitely plenty on offer here to keep puzzle-platforming fans entertained.

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6.5 / 10.0
Feb 4, 2023

WHALIEN - Unexpected Guests has a proposal that may not please the most demanding players. It's a short game with simple and creative challenges, but it suffers from boring and problematic platforming sections. The physics-based puzzles are the highlight of the title and the characters and settings help make them more attractive. Overall, it's a good recommendation for kids who are starting to venture into the gaming world.

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Jan 27, 2023
WHALIEN - Unexpected Guests | Review in 3 Minutes - YouTube video thumbnail
Jan 25, 2023

WHALIEN – Unexpected Guests is a game that does only a few things but does them quite well. It plays well, looks good, and offers an enjoyable adventure. That being said, it is a very short game that can be finished in one, if not two, sittings. It lasts 2-3 hours, which can be a positive thing sometimes. It is perfect for a simple, enjoyable, quick experience or a free weekend.

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8.5 / 10.0
Jan 24, 2023

Whalien – Unexpected Guests is a game that’s clearly aimed at a younger audience, with its cartoonish world and relatively simple mechanics. But its light and positive approach will certainly attract plenty of older gamers who want a more relaxing experience at the end of a long session. I especially love the chunky world and the many small jokes peppered all through it.

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60 / 100
Jan 23, 2023

Ultimately, it’s nice to have a game like Whalien Unexpected Guests that you can pick up and play in one sitting. It’s sort of like watching a movie and it’s great for gamers who don’t have the time and energy for longer games. The gameplay is solid, the visuals are vibrant and it’s a game worth picking up if you want to have something to play on one of those rare nights when you’re free and want to just unwind with a fun game.

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