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Onion Assault

Horberg Productions
Jan 26, 2023 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Onion Assault

Solid and definitely has an audience. There could be some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.

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Onion Assault is a worthy purchase if you're looking for a short, breezy platformer that pays homage to an off-the-wall Nintendo classic. While there are some annoyances sprinkled throughout - some imprecise platforming, finicky physics, and repeated visual assets - there's enough here to provide a couple of hours' worth of enjoyment, at least; maybe a bit more if you're looking to grab all of the collectible coins. Onion Assault may not prove as memorable as the developer's previous games, but it's worth playing nonetheless.

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The platforming action of Onion Assault is betrayed by its imprecise controls, but there's more than enough action and fun to help players get around them. The upbeat vibe and general wackiness of combat and characters make this a good (albeit frustrating) way to kill an evening or weekend.

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Arbitrary levels from the first couple worlds were often more difficult than levels near the end of the game. Difficulty spikes abound, and the less than generous checkpoint system may cause frustration for those not looking for a tough 2D platformer. But for those who are, Onion Assault will make for an excellent few hours of platforming challenge.

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"Onion Mario Bros. makes me cry."

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Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
Thumb Culture

Gameplay is smooth and it looks pretty, but it is just lacking depth. Though honestly how much depth did Super Mario Bros.

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Onion Assault is a satisfying 2D platformer that keeps things short and to the point. This design will suit those looking for that shorter experience or something that does away with all the fluff of experience systems and collectables. This is a game that values the player’s time. For me, it was the retro feel that hit home. A self-contained experience with no glitches, that you can enjoy in a few sittings and even possibly return to in the future. As a fan of the developers’ work, I was not left disappointed. The running and jumping didn’t always click and it’s a shame a few more levels were not squeezed in. I was still hooked till the very end. What I admire most is how this developer continues to attempt new creative projects while avoiding the familiar formulas. With all that in mind, I certainly recommend Onion Assault.

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I struggle to find much to complain about here. The gameplay and production are solid. If anything, I wish there were more of…everything. It took me about three hours to 100% beat the game. There are three coins to find in each level, but there doesn’t seem to be a reward for getting them. The first half of the game can be a bit predictable, but the latter half is more creatively diverse, which makes me wonder what another world or two of content would have been like. Even if you don’t like onions, Onion Assault is a well-crafted and polished little game that’s worthy of your time.

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