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Infinite Guitars

Humble Games, Nikko Nikko
Mar 30, 2023 - Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

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Get Ready to Rock! - Infinite Guitars Available NOW | Humble Games thumbnail

Get Ready to Rock! - Infinite Guitars Available NOW | Humble Games

Infinite Guitars - Future of Play Teaser Trailer | Humble Games thumbnail

Infinite Guitars - Future of Play Teaser Trailer | Humble Games

Infinite Guitars - Announcement Trailer | Humble Games thumbnail

Infinite Guitars - Announcement Trailer | Humble Games

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Critic Reviews for Infinite Guitars

Infinite Guitars tries to be a lot of things, and unfortunately doesn't quite succeed at any of them. The rhythm mechanics come the closest, but like the rest of the experience are marred by glitches. Despite the immaculate soundtrack, the rest of the game just isn't finished with a poorly written story and lackluster mechanics.

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This game is more style than substance.

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I love Infinite Guitars for its amazing music and active gameplay. However, it needs a little more polish before it can really shine like a rockstar.

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INFINITE GUITARS has so much potential to be an excellent Rhythm game with a fun but casual story. It features a good mix of different genres, and they all work quite well with each other to give you a great experience with the story. Sadly, it still has a few issues that need to be addressed before it can shine, namely the visual issues and the minor technical bugs that can drag a good game down.

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“Infinite Guitars” is full of ambition but fails to deliver on many of the things it tries to. For players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, it might be worth checking out “Infinite Guitars” just for the rhythm segments, but beyond that, I can’t see myself recommending the game.

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Given how ambitious and unique the premise of Inifite Guitars is, it pains me to say that what should be a refreshing marriage of RPG and rhythm-based gameplay has turned out to be a bit of an exercise in tedium that is held back massively by issues with input recognition and repetition. It looks beautiful, and, with a few patches aimed at tightening up the gameplay, this may turn into something that is worth experiencing for that fantastic soundtrack alone, but, as it stands today, Infinite Guitars doesn’t feel like it was quite ready to take to the stage.

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Infinite Guitars has so much potential. It is a shame to see its wonderful music, killer art style, potentially intriguing story, and promising combat system ruined by questionable design choices.

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Use a Potion

Unknown Author
6.5 / 10.0
Use a Potion

Infinite Guitars has some really cool ideas and an intriguing world to explore, but the repetitive gameplay loop might not be for everyone. It’s not that anything in the game is bad at all, but rather that doing the same things for hours on end might leave players a little bored after a while – even if the rhythm-based action can be a lot of fun. It’s a shame there are some technical issues and it won’t be for everyone, but those who like to play RPGs with a bit of a twist ought to give Infinite Guitars a look. It won’t be the best game you ever play (and I’d probably recommend giving it some time for all the bugs to be fixed), but it has some really neat ideas on show as well as one hell of a soundtrack.

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