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Don't Starve: Giant Edition

Klei Entertainment
May 28, 2015 - Wii U

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Critic Reviews for Don't Starve: Giant Edition

Overall, Don't Starve on  Wii U is a ridiculously engaging game of hunting and gathering. The wonderful art direction makes this more than just a Minecraft clone. The game can be quite brutal at times, but that just makes the sense of accomplishment feel more earned.

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Don't Starve: Giant Edition could have been the best version of the game yet. Unfortunately a lack of true Gamepad support simply makes it another flawed but enjoyable survival experience.

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Don't Starve: Giant Edition fills a gap you didn't even know the Wii U had. It's a great indie title, but it's also incredibly challenging, which may be a turn off to some. This game doesn't hold your hand, which is great in this day and age.

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Don't Starve gives the player a charming Tim Burton-like visual environment, only to be merciless to all with its extremely punishing death experiences. Still, the more one dies, the more one will learn and the experience is diverse enough to keep the most persist players hooked around its mechanics.

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Within its solid and increasingly arduous heart of survival and exploration, Don't Starve: Giant Edition beats with a personality head and shoulders above the hoard of Minecraft clones out there. The sense of never knowing what might lie just ahead and the promise of unlocking additional characters possessing individual quirks will likely be addictive to many who enjoy this type of journey.

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Don't Starve is a weird and wonderful jaunt through a purgatorial wilderness. With the Reign of Giants DLC, there's enough content for even well-seasoned Don't Starve players. The brutal and unforgiving permadeath mechanic heightens tension and emphasizes player prudence. The lack of stylus and touch controls feels like a real missed opportunity to take advantage of the platform's primary peripheral.

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The world of Don't Starve is an intriguing one. The haunting graphics and music create a grim, Burton-esque atmosphere that wraps around the whole package rather nicely. The gameplay is fun and kept me interested for days. Don't Starve doesn't hold your hand, and it can be difficult, but if you can look past that, this game is one of the most unique experiences on the Wii U. Just be sure to light a fire at night. They come rather quickly in the dark…

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Like its forebears, 'Don't Starve: Giant Edition' on the Xbox One is a delectable survival experience, and the included 'Reign of Giants' content does a great job of growing the experience. The game is tough, and the permadeath can be discouraging if you have spent several in-game weeks or months on an epic crafting bender, but it is worth the pain.

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