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Amanda the Adventurer

MANGLEDmaw Games, DreadXP
Apr 25, 2023 - PC
Try Hard Guides
9 / 10
Prima Games
8.5 / 10
Use a Potion
8.5 / 10
8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Amanda the Adventurer

Amanda the Adventurer is a clever little puzzle horror game with plenty of scares and a great story to tell. The tragic story behind this children’s cartoon is bound to keep you up at night, either with questions or a lingering anxiety about what’s behind your closet door.

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Amanda the Adventurer offers a fun and creepy ride that perfects pacing and characterization, and it’s absolutely worth the price tag and the hours of sleep you’ll lose playing it.

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Use a Potion

Unknown Author
8.5 / 10.0
Use a Potion

Amanda the Adventurer is a unique and engrossing experience that isn’t necessarily scary, but will definitely keep players on edge as they uncover its dark secrets. It’s easy to think that it’s a simple and straightforward puzzler to begin with, but it doesn’t take long before the narrative takes unusual turns, the puzzles become more creative, and Amanda really starts to creep the player out with her sinister outbursts. It’s really, REALLY cool, and easily stands out as one of the more memorable horror experiences I’ve played through in some time.

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Amanda the Adventurer is a unique and enjoyable horror puzzle game that is worth playing through. It's short and not too challenging but has a strong sense of itself and tells a good story.

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