VR Skater Reviews

VR Skater is ranked in the 67th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
85 / 100
Jan 16, 2024

DEFICIT Games have made a great effort to expand upon the initial release of the game, which lacks the freedom one associates with a skateboard game. The DLC also elevates the challenge level and raises the game to a level from where comparison with the big skateboarding videogame franchises is now valid.

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8 / 10.0
Aug 19, 2023

VR Skater is a unique, demanding and very fun game. If you like the sport or the genre, go for it without hesitation.

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79 / 100
Aug 23, 2023

Overall, VR Skater offers a unique skateboard experience, despite not taking full advantage of the power of the PSVR 2 and the PS5. If you are a big fan of Tony Hawk Skateboard videogames, VR Skater is definitely worth checking out.

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Aug 8, 2023

"VR Skater" is a successful VR implementation of skateboarding. The operation is intuitive, challenging and, above all, very fun. However, the handling is manageable. The surcharge for the PS-VR2 version is also difficult to understand, which means that the PC VR version is currently preferable. If you like skating, you can access it here without hesitation. For everyone else, we recommend waiting for a price reduction.

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Mindful Phill
Top Critic
75 / 100
Aug 19, 2023

In the canon of skateboarding games, I consider the gold standard to be held by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, which remains a dazzling treat on the latest-gen consoles and PC. But for those seeking to break free from the familiar button-mashing choreography of the past twenty-five years and venture into a realm of deep immersion and virtual reality thrills, VR Skater shows the ambition to be a serious contender. While it might not boast perfection, and its gameplay might be somewhat limited, VR Skater on PSVR2 is your ticket to a brief yet absolutely exhilarating escape. If you're hungry for a skateboarding experience that feels like the future while cherishing the sport's essence, give VR Skater a whirl. You won't be disappointed.

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7 / 10
Aug 9, 2023

Seven levels provide ample opportunities for neat lines. These include a street, school, shipyard, and so on, each more challenging than the last. Each map features spot challenges and other simple score attack modes, and you'll slowly level up as you progress, unlocking later stages and more customisation options for your skateboard. While they're nicely designed with multiple paths, they can feel quite empty, not helped by the so-so visuals. We could've also gone for a few more maps and modes, but there are plans for post-launch updates. Ultimately, when you're in the zone, pulling off sick combos while the THPS-inspired soundtrack blares, it feels great. Once you wrap your head around the gameplay and it all clicks, it works very well indeed.

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7 / 10.0
Feb 5, 2024

VR Skater is not a bad game, but it could have been better and more varied. More maps, more modes, more songs in the soundtrack, and perhaps more attention to detail in the design of the game itself. All of this would have added to the game and made for a more enjoyable experience.

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Aug 15, 2023

VR Skater offers an insanely tough learning curve, but offers a very rewarding experience if you tough it out. While the content is a little lacking for the price tag, the promised post launch content could very well set it over the top.

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Feb 8, 2024

SL Pro Series Tour does what good DLCs should do: expand and improve the base game. The design of the new areas in particular is convincing, as is the freedom gained with the introduction of the turning manoeuvre. "SL Pro Series Tour" is a successful add-on package that is a must-buy for owners of the game. Interested parties have never had a better opportunity to try skateboarding in virtual reality.

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