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doinksoft, Devolver Digital
Sep 13, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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8.1 / 10
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Gunbrella Trailers

Gunbrella | Release Date Trailer | Gliding onto PC & Switch September 13! thumbnail

Gunbrella | Release Date Trailer | Gliding onto PC & Switch September 13!

Gunbrella | Multitool of the Trade Trailer | PC & Switch | Coming 2023 thumbnail

Gunbrella | Multitool of the Trade Trailer | PC & Switch | Coming 2023

Gunbrella | Day of the Devs Gameplay Showcase | Coming 2023 thumbnail

Gunbrella | Day of the Devs Gameplay Showcase | Coming 2023

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Critic Reviews for Gunbrella

Gunbrella is a rather easy recommendation. It’s a solid platformer with a lot of charm. I’m not sure it will be at the top of my mind when I think of my favorite games, and I don’t think I’m going to be eager to scoop up a physical copy sometime in the future, but I undoubtedly enjoyed my time with it. It’s worth keeping for a rainy day.

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Humerous dialogue and banter brings levity to the grim, heavy narrative and bleak setting of Gunbrella. The game turns an elegantly simple concept on its head, resulting in gameplay that is both responsive and rewarding. Gunbrella is an exhilarating romp with an intriguing story that doesn’t shy away from heavier themes. Though there is some room for improvement, Gunbrella’s heart-pumping boss fights and memorable characters will stick with me long after I’ve closed my parasol.

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A surprisingly deep gameplay and occasionally brutal difficulty make Gunbrella an enticing game worthy of attention if someone is in search of something unique and retro.

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Gunbrella is a sensational action platformer with incredibly fluid locomotion and a story that takes some unexpected turns.

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While Gunbrella might struggle with providing a challenge, it more than makes up for it by providing a dark, gritty world where your choices have very real consequences. Not all is doom and gloom, as the comedy flows like polluted water down a city's gutters on a rainy night, and you can bet it's accompanied by some killer jazz!

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Gunbrella has a lot of potential, both in its storytelling and combat. Unfortunately there never feels like there is enough of either that will or could catapult the game into the upper echelons of pixilated side-scrollers. It is very close to being something special, even when it is embracing some familiar adventure tropes. Hopefully, the world of Gunbrella will be expanded on and grow, because it deserves more of the things that make it great.

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The only real complaint I had with Gunbrella was the map system, I always felt like I was lost as I wandered around cities, sewers and more, but due in large part to the fun of traversal with the Gunbrella I never really was too angry at being lost. A large part of Gunbrella’s charm for me is its atmosphere, as I said I love the noir genre; so much so that I am writing a neo-noir novel, so I thoroughly relished my time with Gunbrella. From its beautiful pixel graphics, its fantastically smart writing, and its amazing soundtrack, Gunbrella is yet another great game in the sea of great games that is otherwise known as 2023.

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Gunbrella throws a huge amount of elements into the pot of game design: twin stick shooter, action platformer, a touch of adventure, pure arcade sections, and a story designed specifically to insert any element into the game without penalizing narrative coherence. Impossible to properly delve into every aspect in the bare eight hours required to finish it, but the result is nevertheless very interesting, also by virtue of a slightly lower price than the average for this type of videogame. It also features a very well executed filter that gives the noir look to the excellent pixel art graphics

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