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Mighty Man

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Jul 23, 2020

It was difficult to play Hyper Light Drifter and not feel a deep empathy for the drifter, also alone, also dying from an invisible disease. It’s an easy connection, but when the world is on fire all you can see are embers. Hyper Light Drifter doesn’t prescribe specifics so it’s easy to imprint meaning onto it. But it also resists glorifying those readings.

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9 / 10.0
Dec 6, 2018

In the end if you’ve been itching for a game that mixes top-down adventure with challenging combat and secrets to discover pretty well all around you Hyper Light Drifter is a very appealing package. The added Switch content is a terrific touch worth the trouble to try to take advantage of as it will make finding those critical elements that will help you on your way a little easier. There’s simply nothing quite like it on the platform and it’s well worth your time if you’re up to the challenge.

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8.7 / 10.0
Sep 19, 2016

Heart Machine's debut game offers engaging combat, breathtaking visuals, and a sense of discovery. The game only leaves players wanting more.

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Sep 24, 2018

Hyper Light Drifter's a tough game and for that, it won't be for everyone. But if it already has your interest, your admiration, or your love, then it has – all hyperbole aside – found a perfect home on the Nintendo Switch.

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9.5 / 10.0
Aug 3, 2017

It's hard but it's worth it

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8 / 10
Dec 29, 2016

[Hyper Light Drifter] imaginatively exudes...personal ruminations on loneliness, pain, and temporality across its story, visuals, and audio. However, silver linings of beauty and perseverance can be found between the dark lines of its thematic consistency. Further substance comes from its full world that will quicken your heart rate with its hyper combat or lower it with calming treks and views that captivate. This is an adventure that may feel too safe and even aimless for differing reasons, but you'll never want to lose sight of the light on the horizon that compels you to keep wandering…drifting onward.

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4 / 5.0
Sep 27, 2018

While the story and graphics didn't strike me in the right way, the gameplay and challenge were fantastic. It's hard to make a comparison with this game, but that is due to its uniqueness and style.

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Geeks Under Grace
Daniel Rodrigues-Martin
9.2 / 10.0
Mar 14, 2017

Highly-recommended purchase for fans of the Action-RPG genre, people who gamed in the 90’s, and anyone wishing to study video games as art. And with such a low price tag, Hyper Light Drifter is a no-brainer.

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Nov 3, 2016

Since the initial release of the game, two features have been added to Hyper Light Drifter. Shortly after release, a drop in, drop out local co-op mode was added, alleviating some of the difficulty issues for players with helpful friends. Even more helpful for players who found the game too tough is the more recently added Newcomer mode which disables some achievements but gives players more health and ammo at the start of the game.

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Apr 1, 2016

Its brilliance goes well beyond its brazen art style and extends to a challenging but highly rewarding combat system.

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