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FURYU Corporation, NIS America, Inc
Oct 24, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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CRYMACHINA - Demo Trailer (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC) thumbnail

CRYMACHINA - Demo Trailer (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC)

CRYMACHINA - Story Trailer 2 (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC) thumbnail

CRYMACHINA - Story Trailer 2 (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC)

CRYMACHINA - Story Trailer (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC) thumbnail

CRYMACHINA - Story Trailer (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC)

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Critic Reviews for CRYMACHINA

CRYMACHINA has a promising story and a fresh aesthetic, but the presentation leaves so much to be desired. Convoluted and rushed world-building makes it hard to get invested, and the basic and repetitive combat encounters make it hard not to feel like the loop between gameplay and story is more of a chore than it's worth.

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I believe that FuRyu laid down a solid foundation here with Crymachina. The narrative is there, the characters are there, the gameplay is there, but the nuts and bolts that glue all of them together aren't. This isn't to say the overall game isn't fun, but it could have been so much better. The game's overall gameplay loop is simply monotonous and dull. It boils down to sitting through mandatory dialogue sections and then running through a dungeon with one to two mandatory battles, and then fighting the boss. The concept of gaining humanity and questioning the whole concept of what it means to be human is a heavy and melancholic theme. I just wish it was delivered in a smoother manner. Even the naming of the game makes sense. Can machines even cry? If you're into the whole mechanical girls fighting robots and trying to save humanity thing, then there might be something here for you.

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Crymachina has several good ideas that it begins to explore. However, the kind of output needed to make those ideas flourish did not happen. Instead, this is a gorgeous-looking game that leans too heavily in the wrong directions, leaving its more intriguing elements as accessories instead of features. There's a decent game here that plays well, but its middle-of-the-pack execution in a sea of action RPGs doesn't do the game any favors.

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Crymachina is a touching tale that touches on the nuances of human details and its hidden and primitive insecurities. Speaking through a common language, already seen in the works of Yoko Taro and in the history of FuRyu productions, but nevertheless manages to find flashes of originality, especially when the three main protagonists are explored in depth. The game design doesn't shine but it doesn't disappoint either, managing in any case to stimulate the player's interest through a good skill-based combat system. It's a shame that the graphics, very dated and often an eyesore, don't offer further emotions.

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The game has a fairly short runtime (by RPG standards) of around 25-30 hours, but even then it soon begins to outstay its welcome. It’s a shame as the story really is intriguing to begin with, but after fighting your way through lots of tedious dungeons and doing the same attacks over and over again, you’ll find it hard to care about humanity’s fate.

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Crymachina is a game with a cool concept and engaging story that starts out quite promising. Its interesting narrative and solid combat, however, is ultimately tempered by its linear dungeon design and repetitive gameplay. It’s not a bad game, though, and is actually quite fun when it’s hitting on all cylinders. In fact, some might find it worth playing for its world building alone.

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After the excellent Monark, it would seem that FuRyu is struggling a lot to hit the target.

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Crymachina is like the RC Cola of action RPGs; it'll do if you're desperate for something to satisfy your craving, but it'd be tough to argue that it's anyone's top choice. The so-bad-it's-good story and fast-paced combat ultimately make this one worth the punt, but the game's overreliance on repetition wears off its sheen before too long. We'd give Crymachina a light recommendation to any fans of FuRyu's previous work or anyone looking for a low-investment action RPG that's all style and little substance. Crymachina is a decent outing, but you may want to wait for a reasonably deep sale on this one.

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