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Arizona Sunshine

Vertigo Games
Dec 6, 2016 - Meta Quest, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR

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Metro GameCentral
5 / 10
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Gaming Nexus
8.8 / 10
PlayStation Universe
8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Arizona Sunshine

Metro GameCentral

5 / 10
Metro GameCentral

An interesting technical experiment, but serious control issues and a lack of variety result in an only intermittingly enjoyable VR shooter.

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Really though, if you're playing this, you're doing so for the satisfying shooting and VR immersion (and because you probably sorely need something new for your PlayStation VR). It is what it is. If you've got the setup needed to make the most of this game, you could do a whole lot worse.

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If you're serious about PlayStation VR and love first person shooters, Arizona Sunshine is a no-brainer. Mowing down mobs of the undead is immensely satisfying with a great spread of weapons and plenty of opportunities to have some fun.

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While Arizona Sunshine might have been an incredible game on other VR systems, the PSVR version seems to be lacking due to the platform's limitations. An intriguing narrative and impressive voice acting make Arizona Sunshine an enjoyable, if short, experience. Some minor glitches hold the game back, but excellent sniping and comfortable controls make up for these inconveniences.

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I had a lot of fun with Arizona Sunshine with a superb single player experience. I wish the multiplayer modes were more stable, because playing with friends was a blast.

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Arizona Sunshine is a frenetic, VR powered, zombie blasting romp that stands as the next must-have title for the PSVR Aim Controller.

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It's not hard to see why Arizona Sunshine comes so highly acclaimed: its undead slaughtering story mode is undoubtedly dated, but the novelty of virtual reality keeps it alive. Unfortunately, this PlayStation VR version toys with Sony's full roster of input options, and never really settles upon one that feels right. It's a shame because there is a lot to like here, from the vibrant visuals to the generous helping of solo and multiplayer content – but without a comfortable means of controlling any of it, your enthusiasm will very quickly cool.

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As was the case with Farpoint, the Aim Controller is once again the star of the show. For PSVR owners who have already shelled out for the controller, Arizona Sunshine is an easier sell, setting them back £30 rather than the eye-watering £70. Yet, with the other control options severely lacking, for everyone else this game is a tough sell.

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