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Death of a Wish

melessthanthree , Syndicate Atomic LLC.
Mar 11, 2024 - PC, Nintendo Switch
Checkpoint Gaming
8 / 10
6 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
8.2 / 10
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Death Of A Wish | Release Date Trailer

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Death of a Wish - Official Story Trailer

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Death of a Wish | Teaser Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Death of a Wish

Death of a Wish is a great moody action game that's worth adding to your list of must-play 2024 indies. It's a narrative with textbook Catholic guilt, a heartfelt journey of self-discovery, and the exploration of queer acceptance. With its pulsating chalk-like line work that makes the images and action leap off the page, a diverse combat system, and an oh-so-satisfying parry to boot-style and substance are at the forefront of the game at all times. Though you can occasionally get lost in the weeds of the prose-like writing and confusing map design, it's hard to stay mad long at Death of a Wish. It's a damn cool video game.

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The sequel to the excellent Lucah: Born of a Dream is a stylish action game that’s as heartfelt as it is intense.

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Overall, would I recommend Death of a Wish? Yes, unless you deal with motion sickness in any way shape or form. I didn’t feel like I did, but Death of a Wish certainly proved me wrong. It’s a fun game to play, but I had to take a break more often than I do in most games. Hopefully with future updates screen shake and motion can be adjusted and that will make it a nice simple and straight yes, absolutely pick up Death of a Wish.

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A tormented action fantasy that has heart, imagination and style in spades.

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