Dungeon Defenders II

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Jun 20, 2017 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Dungeon Defenders II - Teaser Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Dungeon Defenders II

Dungeon Defenders 2 is an excellent adventure and well worth diving in head first to save Etheria.

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It's a fun time, and one that you don't really have to spend money on in order to have fun, but if you want to go a bit deeper than the surface, get ready to grind.

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Dungeon Defenders II offers the same unique blend of action RPG and tower defense games of its predecessor while adding some new features that deepen the experience. The tower defense elements are still more important than the action RPG ones, but there's still plenty to keep fans of both genres engaged. Things, however, can get grindy if you want to unlock everything without spending money, so don't expect the experience to feel fresh if you plan on doing so.

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Dungeon Defenders II is a vast improvement over the previous game, even with its move to a free-to-play model. Sure, it may take some time to unlock the new heroes with in-game currency, but the option is there for those that don't want to spend money. Even with the UI shortcomings and the tutorials being out of date with the current version of the game, Dungeon Defenders II is quite enjoyable. The colorful visuals and stylized characters are a joy to play.

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Dungeon Defenders II is the epitome of… nice. It doesn't do anything wrong in particular, but it sure isn't anything exciting, either. It's a somewhat pleasant combination of pure action and tower defence, but it's a combination that not many will choose over the chance to play something less repetitive, less grindy, and more complete.

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Dungeon Defenders II is a really great game and I'm sure it will match that quote at some point, at launch this is a complete nightmare.

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