The Age of Decadence

Iron Tower Studio
Oct 14, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for The Age of Decadence

It may have some rough spots, but it is one of the most well-designed RPGs I have had the pleasure of enjoying.

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Age of Decadence is a challenging, yet excellent RPG. With a huge focus on story and depth, it gives you a wide variety of choices to make, ones that have actual impacts on the story. Not only that, the combat is easy to learn but can be incredibly tactical. This is a game well worth playing.

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Age of Decadence is a game about the fragility of memory, the separation of reality and fable, political scheming and the possible futility of ordered existence. It masterfully weaves these themes into the writing and the gameplay to create an imaginative world with the power to captivate for hours on end. Age of Decadence has been a long time in the making (a whole decade), but it's shaped out to be one of the most distinct RPGs of the year, and one that will certainly captivate the imagination.

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The primary issue with The Age of Decadence is that it feels as if all its problems could be fixed with one simple patch, but weren't. Giving a bit more detail in the quest journal? Would help a lot but not available. Mini-map? Nope. A bit more colour along with some more definition? Sorry. Clothes that don't restrict AP so that streaking wouldn't be the requirement for high-AP combat? Not an option. In its current state it's unpolished at best, but has some potential; potential that, sadly, seems like it has been denied. It shouldn't be avoided, however, as it would be average and, potentially, even enjoyable with these issues ironed out - but it currently feels more of a bore to play, with little to keep interest from tediously running back and forth because it couldn't be bothered to mention where an NPC might be.

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Bit Cultures

Roderick Sang
Bit Cultures

It's with great pleasure that I say that Age of Decadence is a game I love. I couldn't have been happier to have been given the opportunity to review it. It's a fun, engaging game with a seemingly endless amount of depth, leaving me truly surprised that a team of only six people were able to create it. You can tell that they spent a long time trying to make this game as great and hardcore as it is now. I can't wait to see what they decide to do next.

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mbitious and experimental, The Age of Decadence aims to appeal to the most hardcore of CRPG fans with a heavy emphasis on roleplay at the risk of alienating mainstream gamers with its dated engine and primitive combat.

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A RPG that trully fuffills its promise of having choices that truly affects the world around the player. Brutal, challenging and with a high replayability. A kind of game that we rarely seen around.

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