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Color Guardians

Fair Play Labs
May 12, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Color Guardians Game Trailer - Steam, PS4 and PSVita - Coming May 2015

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Critic Reviews for Color Guardians

Color Guardians offers relentless difficulty and beautiful visuals but not much else.

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Color Guardians introduces an interesting color-changing feature to the side-scrolling runner genre, but keeps it so basic that the potential is wasted. It's an interesting game that only manages to hold my attention for short game sessions.

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I was prepared to give Color Guardians a solid "meh" at first. Its central concept is GOOD and it shines when it lets itself do that without any room for button mashing, but that only happens during the last third of it. Building up to that is a fairly dull experience, not without challenge but certainly without excitement. If it had ended just before the final boss, it would be a forgettable runner that underdelivers on a good idea. After that terrible fight, I actively disliked it. Play this if you like a challenge and have patience to get to the good stuff, but don't even bother finishing it.

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Ultimately Color Guardians is a bright, cutesy, challenging runner with some good ideas that falls through when it comes to keeping it interesting. Restarting from checkpoints over and over only getting a little bit closer to the end each time quickly grows repetitive, draining any drive there might have been to continue playing.

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'Color Guardians' may lack a compelling story and world, but the game's unique and challenging spin on the endless runner make it worth checking out for gamers of any age.

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With its vibrant visuals and easily accessible gameplay, Colour Guardians is the best kind of gaming palate cleanser. While certainly not a prospect for the long-term, Colour Guardians regardless entertains with deft aplomb when taken in short bursts.

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Color Guardians is a charming little title that will be appreciated by endless runner fans. The inconsistent difficulty is a problem, and its lack of variety means that it's best played in short bursts – but if you want something simple to brighten up your day, then this will do the job adequately.

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I don't often play a game and immediately go through it again after finishing it, but I did that with Color Guardians. Thanks to its fun and bright graphics, truly difficult levels, and different scoring systems, I found myself playing each level again and again in an effort to get all three stars or get a high score for the leaderboards. While the side-scroller could use more tutorials and more story, it offers up challenging and fun gameplay. That said, Color Guardians is a game that probably shouldn't be missed.

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