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Apr 22, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for 8-Bit Armies

Unfortunately 8-Bit Armies' attempt at console strategy is simplified to the point that it outstays its welcome after a few hours. Whilst the campaign will keep you entertained for a few hours, the multiplayer is too empty to expect any more game time. Perhaps if you have someone who you can rely on to play against it might be worth picking up, but otherwise it's probably not going to last long enough to be worth it.

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PlayStation LifeStyle

Steven Watts
7 / 10.0
PlayStation LifeStyle

At its core, 8-Bit Armies is a an imitator. A competent one, a throwback, with a few clever tricks of its own, but nothing wholly original or revolutionary. If you're itching for another strategy game it will satisfy well enough, but it doesn't feel essential.

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8 Bit Armies is a charming cartoon-like RTS game that offers a good challenge. It can be unfair at times due to the enemy having advanced tech, larger forces, and even nukes. Planning and strategizing is necessary, and fills you with pride when successful. Unfortunately it seems as if the multiplayer lobbies are empty.

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8-Bit's prime selling point may also be a vice.

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Petroglyph, the modern maestros of RTS, have created a fun, accessible new entry that is a great way to get into the genre. There isn’t a lot of complexity here but the friendly art style and generous difficulty curve make 8-Bit Armies the perfect RTS for beginners.

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With its nostalgic graphics and a classic soundtrack to boot, 8-Bit Armies feels just like the RTS's of old, but adds nothing new to the formula.

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After the interesting Grey Goo, Petroglyph delivers an old-school strategy game with a retro look. Don't expect the complexity of the masterpieces you played in the 90's, though: 8-Bit Armies has a poor strategic value and all the matches looks the same.

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Honestly, I'm thoroughly surprised at this little gem of a game. While the difficulty can ramp up quickly and without warning, it's a great challenge that goes with the game's excellent replay value. For fans of old Command & Conquer, this should be high on your list, especially with the added co-op missions. With future updates coming as well, expect the game to have a long shelf life, even for being a smaller indie title.

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