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General Information

Available on:PlayStation VitaJul 14, 2016

Developer: Marvelous Games

Genre: Fighting

Right away, there are a few things that are immediately striking about the Senran Kagura Producer Keinchiro "Tits are life, ass is hometown" Takaki's newest game. One, it's got a major Kenka Bancho vibe to it, and that's because it's being developed by Bullets, who've been making the aforementioned games which feature over the top hot-blooded anime brawling about high school kids who use their fists over anything else. Secondly, there's an ecchi reward system, so there's definitely fan service, a signature of Takaki-San. Set on "Last Resort," an isolated island where the denizens are battle starved outlaws whose only form of entertainment and communication are full on bare knuckle fist fights, players will be be freely rioting the island looking for trouble; fights are dramatic to say the least, as enemies can be thrown across destructive and interactive environments. For instance, an enemy can be be launched into the air, land into a combo which sends them flying through walls to land on a fire hydrant which breaks and shoots them into the air. The entire idea is to have unabashed button mashing joy where the character you pick becomes your fist, your juggernaut avatar. There's also a mechanic on impressing the female spectators; the more damage you do equates to how much they will be into you. This debut trailer shows a literal peek of what is to come, and since it is Takaki's work, one can expect a certain type of physics which matches the intensity of the fighting.

Uppers Reviews

An enjoyable game that aims towards a very specific audience since the risqué elements could easily alienate plenty of players. This fact was proven with the delays to the release of the game in Japan, thanks to low pre-order numbers. At its core Uppers on PlayStation Vita is a fun throwback to a simpler time, but it gets very same-y after a few hours play, and the extended cast does little to expand the lifespan.

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