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Master of Orion

WG Labs, NGD Studios
Aug 25, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Master of Orion

A fun, serviceable update to the 4X legend that brings little memorable to the genre aside from its personality.

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7.1 / 10.0
T.J. Hafer

There’s not much that’s outright wrong with Master of Orion, but there’s not much memorable or endearing about it either. It’s built on a moderately successful but bland execution of the inside-the-box space 4X formula. The moments when its flair for leader characterization and an enjoyably complex combat engine take center stage are the only times anything about it really stands out. There’s definitely enough game here that I wouldn’t turn anyone away from giving it a spin, but I also can’t say you’d be missing anything special by skipping it.

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No Recommendation / Blank

These are are the voyages of starships and enterprise, boldly going where every 4X game has been before.

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A polished renewal of the classic franchise that’s more suited for genre newcomers than for fans looking for a highly complex strategy game.

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Despite some rough edges and frequent moments of boredom, Master of Orion is an engaging reboot of a classic sci-fi strategy title.

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This isn’t enough to hold Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars back as a whole, though. NGD Studios has crafted a suitably epic, deeply engaging strategy game with all the bells and whistles. Despite some awkwardness with the combat, it’s a satisfying title that delivers on its core promise: to make you feel like an intergalactic conqueror. I look forward to leading the Mrrshan race to victory and prosperity for months to come.

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It lacks some features that where present in the old Master of Orion II, and many of the bold ideas Stellaris and Endless Legend introduced to the genre. A playable, fun game, with great production value, but not a game that will stand the test of time.

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While Master of Orion probably isn’t going to satisfy fans who crave the most complex civilization building games, it’s easy to pick up and fun to play for anyone new to the genre.  The level of personality and attention to detail really set it apart from the competition as well.

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