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Badland Games, Infinigon
Sep 20, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Zenith

This videogame is practically broken on PlayStation 4 and its story relies only on a very dull humor. Its graphics are too old to be featured in a game of this generation.

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You are never at risk of encountering anything unexpected when playing Zenith, but cutscenes are unpredictable and quite intelligently written (and even well directed at times), so they are genuinely entertaining. But the game is an action RPG by the numbers, and it gives the distinct impression that it is a vehicle for delivering the comedy. This would be fine, but that vehicle would need to be enjoyable and on this one, the wheels have fallen off.

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A fun game due its jokes, but not the most polished one. Zenith can be considered ugly, his AI dumb and the graphics aren't great... And even with that, still entertains.

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Zenith isn’t just badly made – it’s appalling. A boorish, cynical failure of a comedy game broken in ways I’ve never before seen. The fact it somehow – everso rarely – manages to show a glimmer of wit under all the misery only worsens the deal, highlighting how this could have perhaps been something decent before it was run through whatever thresher led to it becoming the mangled carcass it is.

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Zenith is a game I wanted to enjoy more, and there are plenty of times I did have fun, but the combat was the most un-fun and unfair aspect of the game, and that’s what players will be doing the majority of the time.

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I personally enjoyed Zenith, the story and writing kept me going though all the various issues it presented. The amount of bugs, glitches, and technical performance issues just can’t be overlooked, especially for a casual gamer.

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It’s pretty funny, and that alone can make it worth a playthrough.

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I had fun playing the game for my Zenith review. It’s a very humorous button mashing game where you can just relax and have some mindless fun without worrying too much about things. I can definitely see where they could have improved the game, so hopefully a patch is coming for all of you!

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