Candle Reviews

Candle is ranked in the 91st percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
8.5 / 10.0
Nov 11, 2016

Candle is a videogame that does not stay in its artistic beauty, but also has deep gameplay mechanics and a world full of details. One of the best surprises of the year.

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8 / 10.0
Jul 18, 2018

Today is a day to enjoy a great adventure. The users of consoles have been dismissed very fortunate to be able to go to the end of the work of Teku Studios. Work that combines the best of the classic graphic adventures of the years with more action and more contemporary studies like Playdead or Amanita Design. An authentic jewel of those that do not abound and in which to get lost in these summer days.

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85 / 100
Dec 23, 2016

Billed as a dynamic graphic adventure, Candle sure delivers on that claim.

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8.2 / 10.0
Jan 19, 2017

Candle is a really sophisticated puzzle-adventure game, with lots of riddles and a stunning art design.

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4 / 5.0
Nov 28, 2016

Developers Teku Studios clearly poured a lot of love and effort into Candle and it shows.

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Top Critic
9 / 10
Feb 26, 2017

Candle may have some traditional adventure game aspects, but it does just enough to feel like a brand-new game unlike any you've ever played. While it's doing some things differently, it knows how to hold back, and finds the mix between old and new. Its refinement of the old ensures, even when it falters, it has a strong enough foundation to keep you enjoying it all the way through to the end.

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