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Based on 51 critic reviews
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Available on:Oculus RiftDec 13, 2016
HTC ViveDec 13, 2016
PlayStation VRJul 21, 2017


Genre: First-Person Shooter

Lose track of what’s real. Commit yourself, body and mind. Confront the evocative, elegantly brutal world of SUPERHOT VR. Enemies pouring into the room from all sides, a dozen bullets coursing through the air...wait.

Something is different here...

SUPERHOT VR is a title reimagined and redesigned from the ground up for Oculus Rift and Touch controllers. The fruit of over three years of close cooperation between the critically acclaimed SUPERHOT Team and Oculus, SUPERHOT VR brings the intensely visceral action of SUPERHOT directly into your head and soul.

Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT is the FPS in which time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It's just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing the weapons of fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets.


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SUPERHOT VR Reveal Gameplay Trailer

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9 / 10.0
Dan Stapleton

Superhot VR's fantastically clever time-manipulating concept empowers you with the superhuman reflexes of a slow-motion action hero. Shattering waves of glass-like enemies while moving your face out of the path of incoming bullets is a thrilling challenge in both the cryptic story mode and the endless mode that follows.

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Metro GameCentral

5 / 10
Metro GameCentral

Not the PlayStation VR killer app you might have hoped for, but still a clever and imaginative mix of shooter and puzzle game.

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Game Informer

7.5 / 10.0
Game Informer

As short as it is, Super Hot VR is a thrill ride unlike any I’ve taken in the past few years

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7 / 10
Jim Hargreaves

Superhot VR should be the ultimate power fantasy. Being able to juggle four pistols, firing each one off while dodging a hail of bullets is just one of the many stunning set pieces I've relished in. However, when one cog in the machine gets caught, that absolute immersion slips away. If optimised better and with slightly reworked levels, this would be a PlayStation VR essential. As it stands, Superhot VR is still good though too inconsistent.

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