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Vroom in the Night Sky

Mar 3, 2017 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Vroom in the Night Sky

You know the most messed up thing though? I played through this entire game and even got all but one of the in-game achievements because I'm clearly a masochist. It really pains me to say that getting the last achievement would certify me as "skilled Magical Girl" and I don't think I'll ever get it. I just can't bring myself to grind through more of Vroom in the Night Sky just to buy all the shitty mopeds just to get a meaningless reward that probably changes nothing.

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A few weeks after the console's release, you have to scroll a little way to reach the bottom of the Nintendo eShop's Recent Releases list to find Vroom! in the Night's Sky. Don't bother. It's complete bobbins.

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Vroom is the worst of the first Nintendo switch titles. An unispired racing game (in which we control flying motorcycles) with poor graphics, hideous sound effects and boring gameplay.

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Vroom in the night sky offers so little content and such poor communication that it is hard to think of any reasons to recommend this to anyone. Technically the game works – there are no major bugs or glitches, levels and items unlock as you'd expect and pressing accelerate makes your bike go forwards – but that doesn't make it enjoyable.Steer clear of this one and save your hard-earned cash for other titles that deserve your attention.

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While Vroom in the Night Sky isn't a spectacular game, there's no denying that I had some fun with it for the short-lived time I spent with the title. I just wish it could be more over-the-top with its presentation rather than dull and unoriginal for most of the ride.

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2 / 10

Vroom in the Night Sky is not a game, but an empty prototype, which was released in the Nintendo eShop by mistake.

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Poisoft has shown the ability to create fun portable experiences in the past, but all of the trappings that would normally keep players coming back are missing here.

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Beyond its completely shallow gameplay that offers no added value whatsoever, the game's audiovisual component looks more fitting in a system from twenty years ago, the HD rumble functionality is more of a nuisance than a feature and it really offers no plausible reason whatsoever to buy and play...unless it's to read its translations, so poor that they could be mistaken for comedy writing.

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